The New Offices

Along with the rest of the world, Motive Power cleared out our offices and headed home due to COVID and to ensure the safety of everyone. This was in the middle of March; it is July now. The lights are still off, our conference rooms are empty, and our chairs are all pushed in. The desks that were once a home away from home, are home to a growing family of dust bunnies. 

Now as we look around during conference calls, we see little hands waving in the corner with the occasional MOOOOOOM or DAAAAAD as our background noise.  We’re all used to increasing the volume on our laptops so we can stay engaged, and muting ourselves, so we don’t overwhelm the calls with background noise. 

We’re taking calls in home offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and backyards. We’ve learned more about our coworkers and clients than we ever thought we would. Kids and pets making appearances are no longer a mortifying experience they are typical and enjoyable. We’ve learned to be flexible, understanding, and gracious. We’ve seen an increase in productivity and our working relationships have strengthened. 

Having to move out of the office and into our homes has brought on a new set of challenges but has also allowed us to get creative. MPers are social and adaptable creatures, so we’ve been able to morph our homes into office spaces, and just look how creative we have been! Some of our folks have designated spaces, some have moved into shared space and some are making do in the middle of chaos. While it looks like we may be in our new offices for a bit longer, we love how our team has adapted.