The New Officemates of MP


CO-VID hasn’t slowed MP down, the Motive Power family is growing faster than ever.  

Meet the new Motive Power hires! These furry team members are ready to be the best officemates, they specialize in CATsulting, PAWject management and you best beLEAF that they are eager to join every meeting! 

MPers aren’t the only ones who have filled their homes with more companions. Animal shelters that were once filled with furry friends are now empty. With everyone being at home, isolated some folks decided that is was a good idea to bring home a new friend. As COVID season continued, more and more people began adopting and fostering furry friends for the time being. For some, these furry friends would later become their life-long companion, for others, just a temporary buddy to get through quarantine. 

Action News Now reported back in April that the Paradise Animal shelter in Northern California was completely empty, all pups and cats were gone and replaced with little stuffed animals for the time being. According to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Animal Services shelter saw 2,232 animals get adopted and fostered, that is a lot of furry friends considering that the LA Animal Service shelter is one of the largest shelters in the county. The animal count went down to 25%, that is amazing! California is not the only place that saw an increase in pet adoption and fostering, LA Times reports that the rest of the world did too, as pictures of people and their newly adopted friends filled the page.


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