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The second Annual Utility Decarbonization Report is here, ranking the decarbonization efforts of the top 47 US IOUs.  In collaboration with Visual Capitalist, the National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) developed the Decarbonization Report, to serve as a comprehensive benchmark for public utilities that will drive the energy transition forward. The report provides utilities,  investors, and customers a data-driven snapshot of the state of clean energy transition among U.S. utilities.


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The National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) is a leading research organization dedicated to driving progress in the decarbonization of power generation. The council fosters collaboration between public utilities, providing a platform for sharing ideas and finding innovative solutions to the challenges of reducing carbon emissions.

NPUC is best known for its annual report that ranks the decarbonization progress of top investor-owned utilities (IOUs), providing valuable insights into the industry’s efforts to transition towards cleaner energy sources. Learn more about how the NPUC is working towards the future of sustainable energy.



The Decarbonization Channel

Decarbonization Channel is a new site by Visual Capitalist, brought to you by the National Public Utilities Council.

We regularly publish visualizations and infographics related to decarbonization, with a focus on the U.S. energy sector.



Visual Capitalist

3 Learnings for Scaling Up Wind and Solar Power

3 Learnings for Scaling Up Wind and Solar Power  To keep the increase in global temperatures to 1.5°C, the International Energy Agency (IEA) states that the world must triple its renewable power capacity by 2030. However, swift and widespread adoption depends on...

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The clean electricity outlook in the US for 2024 from NPUC.

2024 U.S. Clean Electricity Outlook

2024 U.S. Clean Electricity OutlookAs the world urgently seeks sustainable energy solutions, the U.S. has the opportunity to lead the charge in the shift toward clean electricity. But what kind of progress can the country expect in the upcoming year? To find out,...

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An infographic on the nuclear waste in the world, to address the concerns that come with using nuclear power for clean energy.

Visualizing All the Nuclear Waste in the World

Visualizing All the Nuclear Waste in the WorldNuclear power is among the safest and cleanest sources of electricity, making it a critical part of the clean energy transition. However, nuclear waste, an inevitable byproduct, is often misunderstood. In collaboration...

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The utilities industry urgently needs to decarbonize to address climate change. Through thought leadership and industry engagement, the NPUC is leading the way.


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The National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) is a leading research organization dedicated to expediting progress in the clean energy transition through industry-wide collaboration.


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