Organizational Development

At Motive Power, we enhance organizational efficiency to fuel progress. Our customized approach to organizational development expertly guides you through various changes, including sustainability considerations, both within your organization and beyond. By examining your existing processes through an impact lens, we seamlessly integrate sustainability principles, boost efficiency, and ensure alignment with your company’s strategic objectives.

We collaborate closely with you to achieve lasting change, long-term success, and a profound impact on your organization. Our team takes the time to comprehend your current and desired state, then crafts bespoke plans to adopt new processes, technology, and software.

Incorporating sustainability into your organization’s culture requires re-evaluating your existing business practices. With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and outstanding value, let’s join forces to build a more prosperous and sustainable future for your organization. Trust Motive Power to be your partner in progress.

What We Offer:

We focus on three innovative solutions to help businesses optimize processes and project management.

  • Organizational Development Methods and Tools
  • Project Delivery Maturity Model
  • Project Management Office (PMO) in a Box

Our Organizational Development services prioritize collaboration, transparency, and empathy. By understanding our client’s unique needs, we provide customized solutions that deliver exceptional results and sustainable growth.

Our Approach:

Organizational Development Methods and Tools:

  • We offer a comprehensive assessment of current business processes, systems, and tools that includes root cause analysis, future state definition, and gap analysis following the DMAIC methodology.
  • We provide standardized narratives, tools, and templates correlated to each step of the methodology, ensuring that our consultants can deliver effective solutions while providing project transparency to our clients.

Our comprehensive methods and tools result in a range of outcomes for our clients, including process mapping to identify inefficiencies, roadmaps to provide a clear direction for achieving goals, business process optimization for improved efficiency and cost savings, and process governance for compliance and continuous improvement.

Project Delivery Maturity Model

  • We offer a detailed assessment of an organization’s current level of sophistication in critical areas such as cost management, schedule management, resource management, change and scope management, risk management, portfolio management, and document control.
  • We design an improvement roadmap in close collaboration with key stakeholders based on the initial assessment results, including a gap analysis to optimize project delivery processes and prioritize initiatives for achieving project management goals.

Our Project Delivery Maturity Model delivers a range of outcomes, including comprehensive project management assessments to identify areas for improvement, a clear roadmap to guide businesses toward their desired state, and benchmarking to measure progress and ensure that project delivery processes are optimized for long-term success.

Project Management Office (PMO) in a Box

Our PMO in a Box solution streamlines the deployment of a new PMO by providing a template repository designed to standardize and simplify the process, allowing businesses to focus on driving immediate impact and achieving their goals.

Our PMO in a Box solution delivers a range of outcomes, including a thorough assessment of the current state of a business’s PMO, a comprehensive deployment plan to guide businesses towards their desired state, streamlined PMO deployment to drive immediate impact, and ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that businesses can achieve lasting success.

Unleashing Lasting Impact with Value

  • Early identification and resolution of risks through aligned data
  • Improved transparency and consistency, leading to increased trust in processes and procedures
  • Greater trust between senior leaders and execution staff, fostering increased transparency and cohesiveness
  • Enhanced safety and reliability of grid operations and projects through coordinated management
  • Improved cost and schedule certainty through standardized project planning, measurement, and delivery
  • More accurate forecasting and granular variance analysis