Organizational Development

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We have extensive experience creating winning business strategies across a full range of project scopes and company sizes. Our clients prosper from our understanding of their issues and commitment to providing immediate tangible solutions.

Discovering, monitoring, and improving processes as they actually are and not as you think they might be.

Every business process matters. Your organization can only reach its full potential when all your processes are as efficient and effective as possible. That’s why our approach to process improvement – and achieving process excellence – are vital to gaining the advantage you need. Every improved process is progress.

We Are Exceptional At What We Do

We partner with you to identify the critical elements that contribute to your success, compare them against industry standards, and understand how those elements realistically perform to obtain your end goals. This objective insight into your company and your processes, provided by our PMI and Six Sigma Global Institute certified specialists, will reveal and assist in fixing inefficiencies holding you back from your greatest potential. Incrementally and sustainably.

How We Are Different

Organizational development and evolution demand an interconnected approach. Bringing together business and portfolio, people and organizations, operations, processes, and data insights. Our experience is grown from our own Motive Power journey as well as having served many other companies and industries on their transformation path. This is how we create long-lasting value for your business. This is how we’re different.

Benefits You Can See And Feel

Let us improve your end-to-end processes. Our experts empower your project and risk management along the entire project life cycle, and jointly design and implement your operations for today and into the future.

Aligned Data

Data becomes more aligned which allows early identified risk resolutions

Develop Trust

Employees appreciate transparency and consistency and develop trust in processes and procedures. Trust grows between senior leaders and execution staff due to increased transparency and cohesiveness.


Standardizing the way projects are planned, measured, and delivered will improve cost and schedule certainty, inform more realistic forecasts, and permit more granular variance analysis.

What We Provide
Method & Tools
Maturity Model
PMO In A Box

We Deliver

We give you an accurate view of your processes and reveal the opportunities to improve, so you can drive immediate impact.

Organizational Development Methods & Tools

Project Delivery Maturity Model

PMO in a Box

Organizational Development Methods and Tools

We give you an accurate view of your processes and reveal the opportunities to improve, so you can drive immediate impact.

Assessment of current business processes, systems, and tools

Root cause analysis, future state definition, and gap analysis following a DMAIC methodology.

Standardized narratives, tools, and templates

Correlated to each step of the methodology to support delivery from our consultants and provide project transparency to our clients.


  • Process mapping
  • Roadmaps
  • Business process optimization
  • Process governance

Project Delivery Maturity Model

Assessment of the organization’s current level of sophistication in each module of the maturity model:

Cost management, schedule management, resource management, change and scope management, risk management, portfolio management, and document control.

Based off an initial maturity assessment, an improvement roadmap is designed

Combining key stakeholders and a gap analysis comprising roadmap of improvement prioritized initiatives.


  • Comprehensive project management initial assessments
  • To Be State roadmap for improvement
  • Benchmarking

Project Management Office (PMO) in a Box

PMO in a Box is a template repository

Created with the intention of standardizing and simplifying the deployment of a new PMO.


  • Current state assessment of PMO
  • PMO deployment plan
  • PMO deployment, & PMO maintenance & support

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