Change Adoption

Change is vital for an organization’s growth, but it can be challenging to implement, particularly when considering employee change adoption and other factors, like sustainability impact. At Motive Power, we address employee concerns to ensure the effective integration of sustainability principles, ensuring efficiency and alignment with your company’s strategic objectives.
We believe in fostering positive experiences and implementing best practices, even when faced with resistance to change. Our patented Change Adoption Model fast-tracks your organization’s growth by embracing an empathetic mindset and prioritizing sustainability principles. This innovative approach ensures we support the people side of change while delivering impactful results.
Combining industry expertise with a steadfast commitment to both people and the environment, we develop human-centric solutions that drive enduring transformation for your organization. Trust Motive Power to guide you on your journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

What We Offer:

We focus on three innovative change management solutions designed to help businesses effectively navigate transitions and drive lasting organizational growth.

  • Human-Dependent ROI
  • Resistance Mitigation and Long-Term Adoption
  • Communications and Training

Our Change Adoption approach emphasizes empathy, connection, and individual experiences. By prioritizing human-dependent ROI adoption, we instill trust, reduce costs, and mitigate risks. Our proactive, agile strategy ensures long-term adoption while fostering support. With transparent communication, training, and feedback, we involve people in the change, build confidence, and expedite adoption, maximizing organizational benefits.

Our Approach:

The Motive Power Change Adoption Model presents a people-focused approach to managing organizational change, blending a technical framework with engaging, practical applications. Our methodology-agnostic model integrates diverse systems and theories into a cohesive framework, featuring tools and templates for real-world use. The model’s five phases focus on identifying, understanding, and mitigating resistance, connecting with people and empowering their involvement in the strategy. We actively support adoption from day one, offering a roadmap for sustained success as ownership transitions.

Five Phases of our Change Adoption Model

1. Cultivate Empathy

With effective change management, we engage people early on. Utilizing interviews and assessments, we grasp the project’s current state, objectives, and desired outcomes. This solid foundation enables people to actively participate in the strategy, rather than just being informed about the changes, fostering a more engaging and collaborative experience.

2. Connect & Collaborate

In this phase, we value individuality, considering diverse perspectives and preferences to build a successful path forward. We generate awareness and interest while getting to know your people, seeking feedback, listening to ideas and objections, and actively engaging with your teams. This collaborative approach creates customized, achievable change management plans, fostering ownership and ensuring long-term adoption through gained support and trust.

3. Build Accountability

Creating accountability is crucial to your success, as it involves defining measurable goals and tracking progress to refine and improve strategies. As we execute these strategies, we analyze metrics against the baseline, taking clear action to ensure optimal outcomes. Measuring performance allows us to validate our approach and determine if adjustments are necessary to provide the best possible support.

4. Enable & Empower

This phase is where we put our change management plans into action. Our primary objectives are to equip people with the knowledge they need to have a seamless, frustration-free experience and to build confidence in the new processes. We empower people to take an active role in the change by providing the tools and resources necessary to navigate the transition with ease.

5. Transition Ownership

The final component of our model is all about ensuring a smooth transition and continued success. We help internal change owners and leaders prepare for a well-supported hand-off by providing adoption, resistance, and reinforcement plans for long-term sustainability. Our goal is to empower your team to continue supporting the changes with confidence and expertise.