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We have extensive experience creating winning business strategies across a full range of project scopes and company sizes. Our clients prosper from our understanding of their issues and commitment to providing immediate tangible solutions.

‘Change is inevitable’
— How people adapt to it is not.

Change will affect your organization but has the most significant impact on your people. That is why we focus on your employees’ experience, so even negative resistance to change can be used productively. By understanding your current and desired future state, we’ll create and execute a comprehensive plan that streamlines employee adoption and sustainment of new software, technology, or processes.

How are we different?

The Motive Power Change Adoption Model is a people-focused approach to managing organizational change with a technical, actionable framework. Our Prosci, ACMP, and Acuity certified specialists have built our model to be methodology-agnostic and integrate several systems and theories into a framework with tools and templates geared towards practical application. Each of our model’s 5 phases aims to identify, understand, and mitigate anticipated resistance by connecting with people and empowering them to be a part of the strategy:

Motive Power Change Adoption Model©






Budgets are tight, but let’s talk ROI.

We know what you’re thinking…but there’s more to change
adoption than communication and training. Here are a few
of the benefits:

  • Empathy is incorporated into the project(s), adding a human face to the change impact
  • Outcomes and achievements are accelerated, delivering a people-dependent ROI
  • Reduction in costs and risks of poor adoption such as resistance, re-work, and opportunity costs ​
  • Change success is defined through a repeatable structure
  • Confidence in how change is managed is instilled throughout the organization

We deliver

Our success is measured in our client’s ability to take the reigns and build upon the framework we’ve provided—but don’t worry, we’ll be there for you if you need us.

Our proof is in the pudding

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