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At Motive Power, our culture guides who we are and what we do. It cultivates teamwork, creativity, joy and bonds us as a family excited to come to work every day. We encourage open communication and transparency. We consistently deliver excellence in our results that exceed even our clients’ expectations. Our strong culture and spunk make Motive Power what we are today. We have some positions open for those looking to join us today.


Motive Power consultants help execute projects on time, on budget, and with integrity, as promised. This requires talented professionals along with like-minded talent that ultimately contribute to our progressive workforce and diversity. We are always looking for hard-working people who value integrity, fun, and fearlessness. Come and join us!


Motive Power is committed to the professional growth of our employees. That’s why we offer a variety of professional development opportunities including Sigma Six certification programs and leadership training workshops. Professional development is driven by employees, who set the pace and drive the path. We encourage employees to use our internal training opportunities and obtain certifications that pique their individual interests.

We also offer mentorship programs, where experienced employees can guide newer colleagues as they navigate their professional journeys. Not only do these development opportunities provide tangible benefits for individual growth, they also foster a culture of continued learning, and an investment in relationships within our organization.


Diversity is ingrained deeply within our culture. We aim to hire people with different perspectives that bring varied opinions and talents to the table. Our varying perspectives and alternative approaches foster and enhance employee engagement, customer relations, flexibility, creativity, innovation, sustainable development, and competitive advantage. Our employee’s challenge, encourage and motivate each other to be better, and in turn, make Motive Power what it is today.


We work together to find creative solutions that bring about meaningful change. The innovation is born from collaboration, and the work may be hard, but it is never boring. We are passionate because we care about each other, our clients, communities, and the environment. We deliver ongoing excellence to our clients and try to find ways to ensure the journey is as joyful as it is memorable.

Want to join us?

We are always looking to grow our team of rock star consultants. If you can listen to clients’ needs and utilize exceptional people skills to appropriately align resources and accomplish their goals, then Motive Power may be your next great adventure.


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Sustainable in all we do

We believe that we can make a difference, which is why we have a Green Team of employees who create and implement initiatives and events focused on the important task of how our company can positively impact the environment. We believe every day is earth day!

Electronic recycling

All electronic equipment is reused or repurposed at Motive Power. When the equipment is no longer functional, we send our devices to recycling centers.

Electric Car Subsidy Program

Motive Power will subsidize a portion of a lease or purchase of a FULLY electric vehicle, in an effort to help reduce carbon emissions.


When available, Motive Power only takes direct flights when traveling, to help reduce emissions.

IntegrityMass Transmit Subsidy Program

Apart from offering a full suite of benefits, Motive Power encourages environmentally-friendly commuting and travel practices for all employees. MP launched the Mass Transit Subsidy Program, which reimburses a portion of public transportation costs specific to each office region. Our mission is to reduce our employees’ carbon emissions and save employees money and stress on daily commutes.

Reducing Plastics

We see how much trash and plastic ends up in the beach, so we work to make all Motive Power offices plastic-free environments. We practice what we preach and avoid any unnecessary plastic products and packaging in our office whenever possible. At company events, plastic use is nonexistent. Employees are encouraged to bring reusable containers for leftovers, and we promote the use of reusable bottles by providing a water jug instead of plastic water bottles.

Office Locations

We employ and continuously develop programs for all our office locations, that promote sustainability and lessen our impact on the environment. Recycling programs are in place in all offices and we source our energy from renewable sources when available.

New Office Structure

Our headquarters in Petaluma has implemented a new office structure. This location is central to our support team, reducing commute time and environmental impact. Our office features energy-efficient lighting, 365-day programmable thermostats, and solar panels that help to lower our demand on the power grid and decrease greenhouse emissions.

We also have an EV charging station which promotes the use of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. We recycle, compost, and maintain a veggie garden on our property. Additionally, compost replenishes and revitalizes soil with trace minerals and organic material as well as helps soil sequester carbon. Lastly, our xeriscape landscaping reduces the need for supplemental irrigation and helps our water conservation efforts.

Office Renewable Energy

Our Petaluma office is part of the Marin Clean Energy program which sources electricity consisting of 60% renewable sources. This office headquarters has solar panels and an electric car charging station to help further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As we move forward with our sustainability efforts towards 100% Carbon Neutral at Motive Power, we will continue to look for opportunities that support our mission.

Our Culture

We make a point to spend time together both inside and outside of work. Whether it is company organized event or something is thrown together, you will often see us together. We are constantly celebrating our people, our projects, and our success together.