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Motive Power’s Capabilities

At Motive Power, we are dedicated to helping organizations enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability through our expertise in organizational development, data innovation, and change adoption. We take a holistic approach to fostering sustainable growth by streamlining project management, optimizing processes, and leveraging data-driven insights. Our people-centric change management strategies promote seamless transitions and alignment with strategic sustainability goals. With a strong focus on sustainability, we empower organizations to not only improve their performance but also make a lasting positive impact on society and the environment.

Organizational Development

At Motive Power, we offer organizational development solutions to help businesses become more efficient and effective. Our services include project management, cost control, and process enhancement.

We focus on identifying and addressing the challenges organizations face when implementing new practices or improving existing ones. By incorporating change adoption, we support organizations in smoothly transitioning to better processes and project management techniques.

Change Adoption

At Motive Power, we recognize that organizational changes affect people, making it crucial to build trust among stakeholders and minimize resistance. Our Change Adoption Model prioritizes a people-centered approach to managing change, using a flexible framework that combines various systems and theories with practical tools and templates.

Our five-phase model focuses on identifying, understanding, and addressing potential resistance by engaging people and empowering them to participate in the strategy. We start by listening, then take action to support adoption from day one, and ultimately provide a long-term roadmap as we transition ownership.

Data Innovation

At Motive Power, we excel in data innovation, helping you manage your data effectively to make well-informed decisions. Our expertise spans data analytics, visualization, governance, and other key areas to harness the full potential of data-driven insights.

We guide clients in asking the right questions, finding solutions, and aligning strategies with their objectives. Our skilled team of data experts is experienced in handling diverse projects, particularly large capital programs, enabling organizations to transform their data into a competitive edge.

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