Sustainability Impact


We stand at a pivotal moment in time. No longer just a trendy term, sustainability has emerged as an integral part of every organization’s operational framework and financial strategies. The era of sustainability is now, and it is here to stay.

As regulatory environments evolve, extreme weather disrupts supply chains and infrastructure, and emissions reporting norms become standardized, organizations that embrace and prepare today are likely to secure an edge over their competitors moving forward. So, Is your organization ready?

Our mission at Motive Power is to ensure that your answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’ We’re here to guide you on your journey, equipping you with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the sustainability landscape effectively, and helping you transform sustainability considerations into tangible results and impact. Let’s embrace the new normal together and propel your organization into a future that is as sustainable as it is successful.

Our team of consultants is a unique blend of professionals with experience in business, climate science, and operations. They stand ready to offer a suite of services including:

  • Sustainability maturity assessment and gap analysis
  • Scope I-III carbon accounting and impact reporting
  • Identifying, designing, and implementing sustainability strategies and goals
  • Sustainability training and capacity building
  • Assessing and counseling on sustainability risks within your supply/value chains
  • Conducting stakeholder analysis, strategy, and engagement
  • Crafting internal and external messaging
  • Evaluating and implementing codes of conduct and ethical standards

This can help businesses to:

  • Develop an internal Sustainability team.
  • Anticipate and mitigate risks from upcoming compulsory regulations.
  • Reduce organizational inefficiency.
  • Identify opportunities for profit in sustainability.

Navigating a New Normal

In this new era, the journey towards sustainable business practices is not just a necessity but also a valuable asset for your long-term success. Acknowledging and addressing the societal and environmental impact of your operations goes beyond just being good corporate citizens—it’s also smart business.

This is where Motive Power steps in. We are committed to supporting your organization in intertwining sustainability initiatives with a more efficient business strategy. Let us help you navigate the complexities of integrating sustainability into your operations, and together, we can maximize impact.


Impact University

Motive Power is proud to present our ‘Impact University,’ an extensive series of internal training programs designed to equip our consultants with in-depth knowledge of sustainability alignment considerations and regulations across various industries. Our rigorous training curriculum transforms our consultants into sustainability subject matter experts, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest trends, best practices, and compliance requirements to better serve your organization.

In addition, we offer the Decarbonization University training series as a service to help you implement a robust sustainability culture within your organization. By leveraging our expertise, your team will be empowered to make informed decisions, drive growth, and navigate the ever-evolving sustainability landscape with confidence.


Enhancing Utility Safety Culture Through Maturity Model and Assessment

Motive Power partnered with a state regulatory agency to develop a maturity model for utility safety culture assessments. The model aims to guide the continuous implementation of safety procedures and objectively grade progress.


A state regulatory agency responsible for regulating various privately owned public utilities sought to address the challenge of utility-ignited wildfires and enhance the overall safety culture. They required an assessment of each electrical corporation’s safety culture every five years and a technical model for continuous safety procedure implementation.

Motive Power collaborated with internal and external subject matter experts to develop a maturity model for gas and electric utility safety culture assessments. The team created a framework for the client, safety culture consultants, and utilities to work together towards a progressively mature safety culture. Additionally, they designed a flowchart to visualize process handoffs between safety-focused sister organizations, ensuring a consistent and coordinated approach.

The Safety Culture Maturity Model and Assessment was finalized, helping utilities identify their current safety culture stage, ideal stage, and the attributes needed to progress. Motive Power continues to support the client in implementing the model with stakeholders and partner utilities for optimal results.

Coal Ash Removal at Decommissioned Power Plants

A major utility in a southeastern U.S. state of coal ash ponds wanted to clean up 12 coal ash ponds at decommissioned power plants. Our team provides oversight, identifies improvement opportunities, and ensures consistency across all sites. By removing toxic coal ash, we aim to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and safeguard public health.


The initiative focuses on the remediation of coal ash ponds resulting from decommissioning of 12 coal-fired power plants in a southeastern U.S. state. Our role is to provide additional oversight regarding costs, schedules, risks, and change management. We aim to identify opportunities for improvement, conduct in-depth reviews of project variances, and offer recommendations to enhance consistency across all sites.

We conduct monthly site visits to meet with on-site project teams and discuss the progress of the work. Our team submits a monthly assessment report to the local power company, outlining observations and control analyses for each site to help identify trends, challenges, and achievements. The ultimate goal is to keep the project on schedule and within budget.

The project has significant environmental implications as coal ash contains a toxic mix of mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and other heavy metals. This waste can pollute waterways, endanger wildlife, and cause respiratory illnesses for those living nearby large storage ponds.

Coal ash removal mitigates groundwater pollution sources and the risk of catastrophic spills resulting from containment failures due to extreme weather events such as floods. By cleaning up these coal ash ponds, the project aims to positively impact the environment and the well-being of surrounding communities.

Investment for Sustainability Impact

Motive Power is dedicated to supporting Investment for Sustainability Impact (IFSI) initiatives. Our consultants provide expert guidance on responsible investment opportunities while we actively support projects like the Gulch Environment Foundation. We participate in UN Sustainability Reporting, reflecting our commitment to transparency and IFSI principles. Partner with Motive Power to benefit from our expertise, investment insights, and passion for fostering a sustainable future.