Empowering businesses and the environment by tackling unique challenges with impactful solutions.

Motive Power provides customized solutions across various industries, emphasizing business and environmental optimization. We integrate sustainability principles and organizational development to help our clients achieve their goals while making a positive impact. Our team of experts encourages innovation and collaboration, staying ahead of industry trends to provide the best possible solutions.


The utility industry is a critical component of our modern way of life, providing essential services that power homes and businesses across the globe. As the world changes, so too does the industry, working to adapt to meet new challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

The utilities industry is in a dynamic and transformative phase of rapid change and innovation. With a range of challenges and pressures, utilities are working to modernize their technology and improve data management while grappling with complex regulatory requirements and mounting environmental concerns.

Utilities are seeking innovative solutions and sustainable practices that address these challenges head-on, which is where our team of experts comes in. From process development and documentation to stakeholder management and change adoption, we can help navigate these changes and develop effective strategies for success. Providing utilities with support in preparation for long-term adoption, achieving ESG goals, and reducing their carbon footprint.


The transportation industry is essential for moving people and goods across the globe. From automobiles and trucks to airplanes and ships, this sector is critical in supporting global commerce and connecting people to work, goods, and services. The industry is changing rapidly with rapidly evolving technology and a growing focus on sustainability.

The transportation industry faces many challenges, including adapting to shifting consumer preferences, new technologies, and sustainability. However, the delivery of complex capital projects remains challenging due to factors within and outside project owners’ control. Transportation agencies responsible for capital project oversight face numerous barriers to successful project implementation, including stakeholder coordination, issue resolution, decision-making, and cost estimation accuracy.

We support transportation clients by conducting Capital Project Delivery Reviews and Best Practices Studies, offering recommendations for enhancing oversight and coordination activities. Our stakeholder workshops provide valuable insights, shaping our Project Delivery Transformation Model and featuring a Project Maturity Level assessment based on schedule, risk, cost, and scope & change categories. We evaluate agencies’ resistance to change and help them implement recommendations for the future of capital project delivery.

Through our proven best practices and guidance for oversight and coordination activities, we help transportation clients achieve timely, on-budget project delivery while managing potential risks.

Medical Technology Industry

Amid challenges and changes, the medical device industry shapes healthcare by developing innovative devices for various conditions. This vital sector improves patient care by adapting to new technologies, healthcare demands, and strict regulations—our well-being and medical service quality hinge on overcoming obstacles and advancing in this essential industry.

Medical device companies must foresee customer needs and develop products years ahead of launch. Balancing risks, navigating shifting ROI, and maintaining visibility into project status is crucial for success. That is why project managers need standardized approaches to ensure timely delivery within budget and scope. Having the right tools and engaging solutions is essential to overcome these challenges and make informed decisions on product portfolios.

We support medical device companies by training project managers on product delivery best practices and developing PM tools, performance metrics, and reporting. Our Project Delivery Maturity Model assesses PMs and their teams and tailors training programs for consistent project management standards, including schedule development and risk register management. We enhance portfolio reporting alignment for better decision-making across all levels through Power BI dashboards. Our tailored training programs, PM tools, and Power BI dashboards help medical device companies achieve consistent project management standards and make informed decisions.


Agribusiness, an essential industry, impacts our daily lives by providing the food and agricultural products we need to survive. The industry is rapidly changing, driven by new technologies, changing consumer preferences, and a growing focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The agribusiness industry faces urgent challenges, from climate change’s impact on productivity to resource scarcity, labor shortages, and technology adoption reluctance. Trade policies and market volatility further complicate matters. These hurdles, coupled with nitrous oxide emissions and energy-intensive practices, demand innovative, sustainable solutions to safeguard the industry’s long-term viability.

Dedicated to addressing these challenges, we implement transformative solutions. By analyzing operations, we optimize workflows and reduce waste while ensuring high product standards through rigorous quality control. We devise robust risk strategies and contingency plans for weather events and disruptions. Focusing on sustainable practices, we focus on ways to reduce water and energy usage, enhance soil health, and curb emissions. We also manage change effectively, integrating cutting-edge technologies for increased efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.