Encouraged to Do Your Worst

Most people want to care about the work they do, and it goes without saying that leaders want them to perform their best. In contrast, though, workplace culture or team dynamics can inadvertently discourage good work. It then becomes paramount to recognize the cycle, understand what’s fueling it, and learn how to break it. At every [...]
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Commercialization Commercialization is the process of bringing new products or services to customers. In Health & Life Sciences, R&D, or research and development, is a large part of the commercialization process. R&D costs required to successfully bring a new drug to market can easily reach billions of dollars. These costs result from multiple years of highly […]

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Achieving Project Excellence in a Matrix Organization and What Utilities Are Missing

The list of challenges and “must-needed changes” the utility industry is facing keeps growing. How can utilities deliver successful projects in an overwhelming environment where priorities are constantly shifting? Find out in this whitepaper focused on achieving process excellence in a matrix organization and what utilities are missing. Below is an excerpt from the whitepaper… THE ORGANIZATIONS […]

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Death of Email and Productive Software Replacements in a Business Environment

The ever-changing forms of communication today are making us rethink how we communicate using the old tools and systems surrounding us. Email has been around for years and now is a part of our everyday life creating an “email culture”. But is email slowly dying?   For those of you who are not too familiar with […]

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Going Green at Work

New Trends in Change Management

Author: Israel Gonzalez It’s a brave new world in 2020 and as we are returning to business and our previous workflows, we find the road before us ripe for opportunity. Industry leaders are ready to create evolution like a racehorse being let out of the gate. The winds of change are moving, and they are they […]

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five tips for scrum project management

Consultants at a Higher Level

At Motive Power, our Project Managers and consultants strive to consitantly be up on the latest software, certifications, and trends. Our consultants have a variety of certifications under their belts including Scrum, PMP, and Prosci. For those individuals who are not involved in the Project Management industry, those certifications sound baffling and confusing. Here is […]

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Motive Power on Coffee & Closers Podcast

Recently the Motive Power Minneapolis office sponsored an episode of Coffee & Closers, a podcast on techniques to successfully grow revenue. The podcast’s goal is for attendees and listeners to gain knowledge to authentically receive process design, tools used, and tips on what works to successfully grow revenue. This is a natural interview style format […]

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Motive Power Intern Featured on CBS San Francisco

Motive Power’s own, Victor Arellano, was featured on KPIX CBS San Francisco for a special story on Students Rising Above. We loved being a part of Students Rising Above. These students are breaking the social and economic cycles within their own families, serving their communities, providing a new generation of employees and leaders from diverse […]

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Schedule Quality

How does your organization view project schedules? Are they seen as busy work and a means to an end for data entry or are they dynamic tools that are vital for on time and on budget project delivery? At Motive Power, we help organizations get to the point of value-added scheduling by utilizing high-quality schedules […]

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Round TableList of Attendees

Bryan Hannegan, President & CEO, Holy Cross Energy
Lora Anguay, Director, Distribution Operations SMUD
Josh Gould, Director of Innovation, Duquesne Light
Omaya Ahmad. PhD, Sustainability Policy Consultant, Arizona Public Services (APS)
Peter Muhoro. PhD, VP Strategy & Technology. Rappahannock Electric Cooperative