Angel Lance

Angel Lance Bio

Angel Lance, founder of Motive Power, Inc. and 10/6 Professional Services has 20 years management consulting experience helping clients establish and operate successful projects, programs and portfolios across major capital infrastructure initiatives, enterprise-wide systems implementations and M&A organizational change management infrastructures. In addition, she brings over 15 years of successful experience in “from concept to capital” serial entrepreneurship.

Without external investment, Angel founded and built from the ground up four profitable private companies. Her strong interest in the environment, diversity and inclusion also inspired her to become a founder of two nonprofit organizations that drive environmental action ( and vocal alliance to the LGBTQ community in California infrastructure construction (

Incorporating her key strengths in organizational development, change management and project management, Angel has successfully designed, implemented and supported numerous multi-hundred million dollar initiatives for a diverse set of industry verticals, all fortune 100 or 50 companies, across the United States.


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