Angel Lance Bio

Angel Lance is a visionary founder and CEO, with an impressive track record of creating and leading successful companies that solve big problems. In over two decades of serial-entrepreneurship, she has launched and scaled four self-funded, profitable private enterprises from the ground up, demonstrating an unparalleled business acumen, and commitment to living her passion for environmental stewardship.

Angel is the founder of Motive Power and 10/6 Professional Services, organizations that foster impactful organizational change, and manage billions of dollars of initiatives in Fortune 100 companies across a variety of industry verticals. At the heart of Angel’s success lies pragmatism and her mastery of organizational development and project management.

Driven by a dedication to address climate change, Angel founded the National Public Utilities Council to help utilities expedite the clean energy transition. In addition to her business ventures, Angel established a non-profit: The Gulch Environmental Foundation to combat climate change through sustainable farming, and has actively supported numerous other non-profits and their development through industry.

Seeing Green

In Seeing Green: How to Save the Planet and Profit from Sustainability, NPUC founder Angel Lance takes the reader on her entertaining journey to revolutionize the world through environmentally sustainable practices. Driven by multiple passions for environmental stewardship and running profitable businesses Seeing Green follows Lance’s mission to prove, through her own actions, that going green is not an all-or-nothing venture but instead a shifting ride that makes your business more profitable while saving the world. Seeing Green combines environmentalism and business savvy, using insightful storytelling, witty commentary, and practical tips to guide readers to implementing environmentally conscious initiatives in their homes, businesses, and industries.