We only do what we know we can do exceptionally.


We develop and deploy both established and new processes, tools, systems, and structure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Assessment, future state definition, gap analysis, and implementation of various process and procedures to improve the management and execution of projects and initiatives.

Design and implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) and other centralized structures to define and maintain standards leading to the efficient, effective, and consistent execution of projects.

Development and implementation of project, operational, and organizational governance to ensure the right things are getting done correctly.

Implementation of customized and standard reporting and analysis to provide leadership with the necessary data to develop strategy and execute against it.


The rigorous, systematic, people-centric discipline of ensuring individuals, groups and organizations transition from current state to the desired future state.

Apply comprehensive impact analysis of the client organization to assess barriers at all levels within the organization.

Develop human-centric solution in comprehensive change management plan including communication strategy, business readiness assessment, coaching & training plan.

Visibility into what is most likely to detract from timely adoption and proactive measures to mitigate or eliminate identified risks.

The Change Adoption service line is our method integrating Change Management systems and theories into a framework with associated tools and templates geared towards practical application.


We utilize the power of data driven decision making to help businesses ask the right questions, discover solutions, and align strategy to goals.

Develop centralized repositories that promote accessibility through data mining and normalization.

Implement customized BI solutions tailored specifically to organizational needs.

Provide direction through descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analysis to make decisions that matter.

Drive digital transformation to deliver actionable insights through data visualization.

Generate trends, identify inefficiencies, and create project recommendations to measure KPIs and ensure success.


Where Your Problems Become Our Solutions

Problem: Large new initiative changing how your organization and employees operate

Background: As technology continues to evolve at breakneck speeds and organizations have access to more information and data than ever before, companies are constantly changing to avoid falling behind. That change has many forms – process change, organizational structure change, technology change, or culture change. With increasing new initiatives spurring change across all industries and businesses, it is important to guide and manage the change in a thoughtful and personalized manner to ease full adoption and maximize return on investment.


Organizational assessment and right-sized change management to provide employees and management with the right tools and knowledge to navigate through the change into the new future state. During the assessment, our team conducts an impact analysis to assess your organization’s readiness for change and craft a human centric solution to deliver the lasting change your organization craves and deserves. We believe there should not be a gap between the change your organization designs and the change it undergoes.


  • Lasting and sustained systemic change
  • Shorter learning curve
  • Unified approach from top to bottom and bottom to top
  • Internal mechanism to utilize for future change initiatives

Problem: Lack of visibility into future demands of the portfolio. Unable to make strategic decisions, such as leveraging resources or maximizing budget

Background: Aligning investments with constantly shifting business goals and priorities is a major challenge many industries are facing. Organizations are constantly investing in ways to improve productivity, predictability, and quality. While the processes and tools designed to improve these areas can focus on “doing things right” the bigger challenge is in Project Portfolio Management which focuses on “doing the right things.” While most companies have some sort of portfolio management process in place, often decisions are made without the adequate information of the impact new projects may have in existing ones or resources. Our extensive experience in portfolio management can help established processes that will ensure effective portfolio management.


Our approach to Portfolio Management will help develop a project prioritization strategy by developing a continues process of selecting and managing the set of projects aligned with the organization goals and objectives; ensuring adequate risk and resource management. First, identify all projects, resources, and budget data. A data quality clean-up will curate the list of existing and new projects along with information designed for leadership to make inform decisions about priorities and resources allocation. Followed by grouping projects, eliminating redundancy, and implementing a standard prioritization process in alignment with the business value. Finally, setting up a management and approval process for cancelations, delays, new projects, and upcoming needs identification will provide controls and sustainability.


  • Maximize budget allocation
  • Reduce projects redundancy
  • Improve and effective resource allocation
  • Effective project prioritization
  • Improve data quality

Problem: The projects within your organization are not hitting their deliverables

Background: Imagine a world where you consistently meet your project deliverables and share success stories instead of scrambling to explain to your leadership why your projects are behind schedule, over budget, or out of scope. While it may seem like pushing out due dates or asking for added funding has become the norm in project management, that does not have to be the case. We will help you analyze your current state, find those gaps affecting your deliverables, and implement customized solutions that can help you achieve positive results.


Conducting an existing process and tools assessment provides visibility of those issues impacting the project deliverables such as, inaccurate schedules, incomplete financial estimates, capacity constraints, lack of visibility into progress, inadequate risk management, or no communication plan. Once the root cause has been identified, our team of experts provides customized solutions that could include documenting and standardizing scheduling processes, establishing a forecast cadence to predict and mitigate variances, creating metrics and reports to measure progress and productivity while holding teams to account, implementing earned value management, and conducting resource and capacity analysis. Our goal is to supply the necessary tools and processes to transform your organization from performing reactive project management to proactive project management, ensuring predictive positive results.


  • On-time delivery of projects within budget
  • Maximize resources productivity
  • Visibility into the progress and status of your project portfolio
  • Reduced forecast variance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Standardized processes
  • Effective governance and oversight

Problem: Inability to quickly respond to an overwhelming increase in workload to meet market demands

Background: Regardless of the industry, ever-changing forces such as, government and industry regulations, evolving environmental policies, customer demands, or an unexpected global pandemic, approve the notion that the world is more dynamic and agile than ever. There is a paramount need to adapt and respond fast to survive. Implementing a reliable and scalable framework can help your organization respond and adapt to changes fast to go beyond striving and thrive.


The first step is an assessment of your organizations current and future work demand and your current resource supply. The resulting gap analysis will provide guidance to the next course of recommended action – process improvement to increase your team’s productivity or outsourcing various functions of the organization. By assessing the workload vs resources and implementing a standardized capacity measurement tool our team will bring visibility on demand changes and anticipate their impact. Showing a set of scenarios, with their respective solutions such developing processes to attend resource shortages, improve productivity, or refocus efforts can ensure rapid response and will establish a proactive approach instead reactionary. In addition, with the proper tools and processes in place you can determine if the need is permanent or temporary. Motive Power helps organizations like yours revamp resources to attend immediate but temporary needs. Our group of experts are trained in project management best practices and will help you respond to the demand changes fast, maintaining high quality standards.


  • Proactive approach
  • Agile processes
  • Rapid response and adaptability

Problem: No visibility or understanding of how one’s business processes and tools compare to industry bests practices.

Background: You think your organization is performing well but have you ever asked yourself how are others in your industry doing? It maybe that you already know you are not thriving as much as others and would like to find those areas of improvement. Regardless the situation, there is benefit in understanding the industry best practices, apply them, and improve.


When conducting a competitive benchmark exercise there are three primary areas of focus, tools, processes, and usage. We help our clients to complete a comparative evaluation, identifying metrics to show the areas where they are falling behind or exceling based on existing information. Once the areas of improvement are known, our team can guide you through understanding your options as well as designing and implementing corrective actions.


  • Better understanding of company performance compared to others
  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement
  • Promote a mindset of continuous improvement


We can help any company work smarter.

With a focus on data-driven metrics and conformance to contract, Motive Power consultants help execute projects on time, on budget, as promised, with integrity.

Motive Power has a proven track record in all aspects of project and change management in the technology sector. Our work ranges from performing program assessments to standing up and running PMOs for global packaged-software deployments, critical systems integration programs, and custom software development projects. Our success stems from our highly experienced team and our ability to focus on the real goal of any project—not just on-time and on-budget delivery, but the realization of expected benefits and the planned return on investment.

Motive Power Tech

For over 13 years, we have collaborated with various utilities to help them provide more efficient service to their customer base while strengthening their business. Whether it’s the custom implementation of a world-class and industry standard scheduling software, developing necessary processes and procedures to increase an organization’s effectiveness, or facilitating work execution at all levels, our team consistently provides quantifiable and progressive results.

Motive Power Work

Our success in construction project management comes in many forms. Whether it’s the custom implementation of a world-class and industry-standard scheduling software, developing necessary processes and procedures to increase an organization’s effectiveness, or facilitating work execution at all levels, our team consistently provides quantifiable and progressive results in a wide range of construction activities.

Motive Power Work

Healthcare systems face unique and increasingly complex challenges every day. System, facility, and foundation leaders all work tirelessly to improve their hospitals, clinics, care centers, and services to provide the highest level of care to their patients all the while dealing with constant change. Motive Power’s has supported healthcare organizations with PMO Deployments, Project Management and Project Control services, and Systems Integration Implementations enabling successful strategic initiatives.

Through our specialized development in building customized best-practice approaches to managing change, Motive Power supports healthcare organizations through software implementations, new regulation requirements, and the ever-changing industry landscape.

Motive Power Healthcare

Motive Power supports leading Health Technology organizations by improving their overall effectiveness and productivity while guiding them through the evolving landscape facing the industry. Often, medical device and pharmaceutical companies find themselves struggling with the optimization of their product development processes, clinical trials, regulatory engagement efforts and distributing their products to the market.

Motive Power has supported these types of companies with Project Management, Organizational Development, Change Management, and facilitation services. Motive Power specializes in implementing effective change to major business processes and organizational shifts while balancing the people side of those transformations to guarantee wide adoption and support from all levels of the organization.

Motive Power Healthcare




Health & Life Sciences

  • Motive Power contractors are remarkable, enthusiastic, and bright. They offer exceptionally effective project management contractors who are very knowledgeable about both professional project management and the Microsoft Project Management Solution and Enterprise Project Server functionality.

    Manager of Business Systems, EPRI

  • Motive Power provided consultation as well as hands-on support, and their expertise was greatly beneficial as they brought best practices from the industry, and the ability to integrate the methodology into something that made sense and upon which we can build the next set of improvements.

    PDP/PMO Director, Medtronic CardioVascular

  • Motive Power assisted us in a management and governance reorganization and in standing up and building out a brand new health plan subsidiary for Sutter Health. Motive Power engaged closely with our steering committees and initiative management to put in place overall program management infrastructure and team to manage Sutter Health resources, as well as our partner consultant vendors. Motive Power enabled our executive management, myself included, to effectively make decisions on real information and lead our initiatives to meet their timelines and achieve their objectives within 18 months in our key regions.

    Chief Enterprise Transformation Officer, Sutter Health