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With a focus on data-driven metrics and conformance to contract, Motive Power consultants help execute projects on time, on budget, as promised, with integrity.

Motive Power has a proven track record in all aspects of project and program management in the technology sector. Our work ranges from performing program assessments to standing up and running PMOs for global packaged-software deployments, critical systems integration programs, and custom software development projects. Our success stems from our highly experienced team and our ability to focus on the real goal of any project—not just on-time and on-budget delivery, but the realization of expected benefits and the planned return on investment.

Motive Power Tech

For the better part of a decade, we have collaborated with various utilities to help them provide more efficient service to their customer base while strengthening their business. Whether it’s the custom implementation of a world-class and industry standard scheduling software, developing necessary processes and procedures to increase an organization’s effectiveness, or facilitating work execution at all levels, our team consistently provides quantifiable and progressive results.

Motive Power Work

Our success in construction management comes in many forms. Whether it’s the custom implementation of a world-class and industry standard scheduling software, developing necessary processes and procedures to increase an organization’s effectiveness, or facilitating work execution at all levels, our team consistently provides quantifiable and progressive results in a wide range of construction activities.

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Healthcare systems face unique challenges, and they get greater every day. System, facility, and foundation leaders all work tirelessly to improve their hospitals, clinics, care centers, and services to provide the highest level of care to their patients. Motive Power’s history of supporting healthcare leaders at the system, regional, and facility level demonstrates how we can be a powerful partner for healthcare organizations engaged in strategic initiatives, organizational development, or skills development.

Motive Power Healthcare

Motive Power provides support to leaders in medical device organizations to improve their organizations’ overall effectiveness and productivity. Often, medical device companies find themselves struggling with optimizing how product development processes, clinical trials, regulatory engagement efforts, and global marketing programs deliver their products to the market. Motive Power teams land in their clients and quickly come up with programs for improving the organizational effectiveness around program management.

Motive Power Healthcare
  • Motive Power contractors are remarkable, enthusiastic, and bright. They offer exceptionally effective project management contractors who are very knowledgeable about both professional project management and the Microsoft Project Management Solution and Enterprise Project Server functionality.


    Manager of Business Systems, EPRI

  • Motive Power provided consultation as well as hands-on support, and their expertise was greatly beneficial as they brought best practices from the industry, and the ability to integrate the methodology into something that made sense and upon which we can build the next set of improvements.


    PDP/PMO Director, Medtronic CardioVascular

  • Motive Power assisted us in a management and governance reorganization and in standing up and building out a brand new health plan subsidiary for Sutter Health. Motive Power engaged closely with our steering committees and initiative management to put in place overall program management infrastructure and team to manage Sutter Health resources, as well as our partner consultant vendors. Motive Power enabled our executive management, myself included, to effectively make decisions on real information and lead our initiatives to meet their timelines and achieve their objectives within 18 months in our key regions.


    Chief Enterprise Transformation Officer, Sutter Health

Not tied to a specific platform

We are tool agnostic and will not try to sell you software. Our only allegiance is to the right solution for you.


Our unique methodology ensures success.

Motive Power employs our own methodology to execute our work producing transparency and open communication. With an identified methodology for all points in the contract lifecycle including pre- contract, contract execution and project closeout our work is meticulously executed. We treat each contract as individual projects complete with teams, monthly forecasting, month end meetings, and risk management. This methodology ensures continuous alignment around project scope, schedule, cost, and deliverables. Additionally, meetings between Motive Power and client create a regular forum to discuss performance against baselines and ensure client satisfaction.

Motive Power Work


At the heart of every successful project is change.
Our people bring the “power” of Motive Power to ensure
the change you experience achieves the outcome you intended.

Achieving superior results depends as much on the art of project management as on the science: It is the art that generates excitement, establishes the tempo, manages the rhythm, overcomes setbacks, encourages effort, and celebrates success.  Our PMI-certified consultants leverage master-level knowledge of toolsets, insightful metrics, and sophisticated reporting to demonstrate the science.  Explore these concrete examples of how we have helped our clients succeed. Then imagine what Motive Power can do for you.

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Change Management

Medtronic OSC

Medtronic engaged Motive Power in the creation and implementation of a globally standardized clinical research study management process (SSMP) and harmonized standard operating procedures (SOP) following its acquisition of Covidien. Medtronic’s goal was to optimize operational efficiency and cost savings and to increase data quality across its global clinical research organization. Motive Power’s four-phase plan was built around involving Medtronic stakeholders from each organization throughout the entire program. All 18 organizations and more than 1,800 people were engaged globally in a comprehensive change management program.

Motive Power Milestones

Business Process Outsourcing


A major California utilities provider reached out to Motive Power to help them manage their $1B annual budget and project schedules effectively. The company reported inconsistencies and insufficient project detail in their schedules. Additionally, existing schedules were rarely updated by the project teams and as a result, insufficient detail did not allow the schedules to act as predictive tools and prevented proper management of engineering and construction activities.  Motive Power immediately went to work by assessing the current situation and establishing tools to align project forecasts, schedules and portfolio planning, while driving adoption.

Motive Power Client Focused

Hybrid Consulting / PMO


Too many projects and not enough people. Sound familiar? A California utility provider faced that very same problem on a very large scale as the demand of their capital project portfolio exceeded the supply of their internal resources. A signifi cant portion of projects required immediate project management to drive the execution of the project to completion in accordance with the Independent System Operator agreements. By enlisting Motive Power to manage a considerable portion of projects, our client benefited from our portfolio centric approach to project management.