Motive Power Donates to Camp Fire

Recently, Motive Power employees worked together and created a GoFundMe campaign to help those affected by the Camp Fire.  Surpassing the goal of $1,000 and raising over $10,000 for victims, we couldn’t be prouder of our employees for working together for those in need.
“My wife and two kids, as well has ten other homes in my wife and I’s immediate family were lost in the Camp Fire. A Go Fund Me was set up by a friend of ours. Carly Behr left a very generous donation a few weeks ago. I didn’t know how to contact her to say thanks until I just saw her comment referencing motive power. If you could please get this note to her I’d appreciate it. Our family took a big hit but with support like that, we’ll get back up. The monetary side helps in the short term with the essentials. But knowing there are incredible people supporting us is what will get us through the long term, and bring back our town. In the most sincere way possible, THANK YOU!”

Nathan Younie

“Tonight Tim and I had the best fun! We painted a snow covered jalopy! Thank you to the donors who allowed this event to happen free for Camp Fire survivors! This was an excellent way to take a break from the stresses from recovering from the not so campy Camp Fire! This was grrrreeeeat!”
Jo Miller
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