Motive Power CEO Participates in Dreamforce 2018

Motive Power CEO and President, Angel Lance, spoke at DreamForce 2018 on the value of Change Management to help ensure system adoption. At the conference, Angel spoke about exceeding expectations when implementing Change Management.

What exactly is Change Management? It employs simple activities deployed at strategic points throughout the project lifecycle to ensure the organization adequately prepares, equips, and supports individual employees through the change required.

At the conference, Angel presented conference goers with statistics from a 2010 ROI survey conducted amongst Change Managers across industries showed the following improvements when Change Management principles are employed the company improves across all fronts. From a 40 percent increase in productivity to a 15 percent increase in quality standards to a 12 percent increase in customer service, it is no surprise that Change Managers really do provide CHANGE to a company.

Interested in learning more and seeing the presentation? Check out Angel’s DreamForce presentation HERE.