Discovering Insights with Power BI

Data has replaced oil as the most valuable commodity in the world. Decisions made solely on expert judgment have become considerably stronger as data has allowed for better informed and real-time decision-making. Thanks to data, decisions related to portfolio planning, asset management, maintenance, and consumer purchasing are now much easier.

Businesses have grown, improved efficiency, and changed their culture by becoming more data-driven and leveraging Business Intelligence tools. Yet, many companies are still a long way from reaching their full potential. Data accessibility, governance, and visualization are significant factors that challenge how data-driven companies are. By helping clients become more innovative—implementing process improvement measures to ensure data is captured, stored, and analyzed correctly—we’ve found Microsoft Power BI is far more insightful regarding data visualization.

Microsoft Power BI is a platform that connects to and visualizes various data sources in an easy-to-use way that helps companies gain insights into their business. It is a multi-functional tool that not only highlights issues and opportunities but facilitates data-driven decision-making.


Customizable Dashboards

Interactive Reports

Real-Time KPI Tracking

Trend Analysis

Live Data Monitoring

AI Predictive Forecasting

No-Code ML Model Building Features


[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”large-text”]Motive Power leverages Power BI to build insightful dashboards for our clients. These tools are automated, action-oriented, and have various built-in capabilities to highlight trends, derive real-time results, and promote data-driven decision-making.

Motive Power Custom-Built Tool Examples

Work Adherence Dashboard

To visualize the amount of completed work on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly cadence.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Dashboards visualize KPIs approved by the client and show RAG statuses for each metric related to safety, training, execution, and delivery. Not only do these metrics help drive productivity, but they keep resources accountable by providing management the necessary oversight.

Milestone Attainment Dashboard

To provide a portfolio-level view on specific Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project schedule milestone attainments. Dashboards highlight milestones at risk of impacting critical path or not meeting baseline deliverable dates. This allows for proper risk mitigation and ensures proactive measures are taken for unforeseen schedule delays. Insight also indirectly improved management and usage of project specific risk registers.

GIS Mapping Dashboard

To geographically display utility assets within a portfolio and their relevant properties. Dashboard visualizes transmission and distribution lines based on regions, priority, and class designations. Built in functionality allows for birds-eye view of surrounding areas to highlight vegetation, roads, and lands for proper risk management.

Financial Dashboard

To compare budget, forecast, and actuals of a utility capital portfolio down to an individual project level. Dashboards provide granular detail by giving insights on cost variances for projects per project manager and project cost analyst. These dashboards are generally used by financial planning departments to track capital project costs.

These specific tools help our clients tremendously. By providing insights into financials, schedule delays, and overall project progress, we help our clients increase efficiency, and accuracy in portfolio planning. Motive Power continuously builds customized solutions for clients because we’re passionate about watching you succeed. When you’re ready to reach your full potential, reach out to learn more about Microsoft Power BI Dashboards.



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