Standardizing Project Management Practices Across Functions and Geographies

Within any business, maintaining standardized processes and procedures across organizational groups takes robust governance, diligent communication, and consistent evaluation. An additional challenge for utility companies is that there are a variety of organizational groups with different types of projects and siloed priorities. This in turn leads to missed opportunities to integrate information and gather larger […]

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Agile Project Controls

Agile Project Controls This article will likely stir up incredulity and ire among the most deeply devoted practitioners of waterfall (predictive per PMI nomenclature) and Agile management methodologies, respectively. Agile enthusiasts will balk at waterfall phrases like “Controls,” and ardent supporters of the Critical Path Method will wonder at how an approach that emphasizes flexible […]

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Commercialization Commercialization is the process of bringing new products or services to customers. In Health & Life Sciences, R&D, or research and development, is a large part of the commercialization process. R&D costs required to successfully bring a new drug to market can easily reach billions of dollars. These costs result from multiple years of highly […]

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data science, motive power, project management

What is Data Science?

 “Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data”. – Wikipedia To elaborate, Data Science is the ability to take a deeper look at the data and its indicators to develop a strong understanding of what it is that […]

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five tips for scrum project management

How to Get the Most out of Your Scrum Board?

What exactly is Scrum? Scrum project management provides autonomy to every member. The teams are self-directed, so they’re able to quickly deal with the unpredictable changes inherent in any project. The scrum team is made up of a product owner, development team and scrum master. The product owner manages the product backlog, and the scrum master […]

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Motive Power Assisting WAVS

On June 19th, Motive Power is holding a brainstorming session with the West African Vocational Schools (WAVS) team to help them hone their next steps in bringing skills training to the people of Guinea BISSAU. Motive Power is meeting with the WAVS staff to review their growth plans, challenge their assumptions and help them strategize […]

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