Non Profits are Clients Too!

Nearly every business nowadays has ties to supporting altruistic efforts as a part of their regular corporate expenses. From large multi-nationals signing million dollar checks for reducing poverty in developing communities, to the mom-and-pop that supports the local baseball team, businesses want to help. Help mostly comes in monetary giving; non-profits need money to support […]

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what is blockchain

Blockchain: What You Need to Know to Know if it’s What You Need

Author: Paul Lamers Given the recent amount of change COVID-19 has introduced, just about everyone should be looking at how they can innovate to stay ahead. In times when everything is up in the air, there is a lot more opportunity to cast aside preconceived notions or latent assumptions and explore new ways of getting […]

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the new offices of motive power

The New Offices

Along with the rest of the world, Motive Power cleared out our offices and headed home due to COVID and to ensure the safety of everyone. This was in the middle of March; it is July now. The lights are still off, our conference rooms are empty, and our chairs are all pushed in. The […]

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