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October 2021



  • Rebecca Foster CEO, VEIC
  • Stephen Torres Principle Manager, Climate Adaptation & Resilience Planning and Analytics, SCE
  • Shaun Hoyte Program Manager, Distributed Resource Integration, ConEd
  • Ryan Boyle Director – ISOP Model Integration & Data Governance, Duke 
  • Angel Lance CEO of Motive Power, Founder of NPUC
  • Dylan Lockwood Senior Editor, Zpryme


  • What’s something important about decarbonization you’ve learned through experience within the last year?
  • What percentage would you say your Integrated Resource Planning(IRP) plans are calibrated for long-term decarbonization goals?
  • What’s a barrier to your decarbonization? What would it take to get past that (realistically or not)?
  • What’s something you wish other utilities would understand about decarbonization?
  • What’s something you wish regulators (your local ones or federal ones) understood about your needs in decarbonization strategy?
  • Are there any key news events you’re keeping an eye on to inform your decarbonization planning?