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Annual Utility Decarbonization Report

In collaboration with Visual Capitalist, the National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) has developed the Annual Utility Decarbonization Report, serving as a comprehensive and viable ranking system for public utilities that will drive the decarbonization conversation forward. The report provides utilities, administrators, investors, and utility customers a data-driven look at the status of decarbonization among U.S. utilities.

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Check out the sections below for a sneak peek into the NPUC Annual Utility Decarbonization Report, or click above to download the full report.

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The NPUC hosts bi-monthly roundtables with utility representatives from across the nation to discuss all things decarbonization.

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Visual Capitalist

Visualizing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector

Visualizing U.S. Emissions by Sector Decarbonization efforts in the U.S. are ramping up, and in 2020, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were lower than at any point during the previous 30 years. However there’s still work to be done before various organizations,...

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What Carbon Emissions Are Part Of Your Footprint?

Decarbonization 101: What Carbon Emissions Are Part Of Your Footprint? With many countries and companies formalizing commitments to meeting the Paris Agreement carbon emissions reduction goals, the pressure to decarbonize is on. A common commitment from...

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How does the U.S. get to zero-carbon electricity?

Decarbonization Targets for the Largest U.S. Utilities The U.S. recently rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement and decarbonization is back on the minds of government officials and companies alike. Though every sector plays a major role on the path to net zero carbon...

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Carbon Neutral Goals by Country

Race to Net Zero: Carbon Neutral Goals by Country The time to talk about net zero goals is running out, and the time to put them into action is well underway. At the U.S. Climate Summit in April 2021, U.S. President Biden pressured countries to either speed up...

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The US Utilities ESG Report Card

Tracked: The US Utilities ESG Report Card As emissions reductions and sustainable practices become more important for electrical utilities, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting is coming under increased scrutiny. Once seen as optional by most...

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U.S. Coal Plant Closures

Road to Decarbonization: U.S. Coal Plant Closures As the push to decarbonize starts to kick into gear in the U.S., how do coal plant closures factor into the equation? With a target of net-zero emissions by 2050, the U.S. is examining all aspects of its economy to...

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The United States Electricity Mix

Road to Decarbonization: The United States Electricity Mix The U.S. response to climate change and decarbonization is ramping up, and putting a focus on the country’s electricity mix. As pressure has increased for near-term and immediate action after the UN’s...

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Top 30 Emissions Per Capita

Emissions per Capita of the Top 30 U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities Approximately 25% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) come from electricity generation. Subsequently, this means investor-owned utilities (IOUs) will have a crucial role to play around carbon...

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The utility industry urgently needs to move towards a realistic system of carbon free solutions to meet the climate challenge facing the U.S., and the world.

NPUC is poised to lead the way with its thought leadership expertise, industry reach, and passion to transform existing industry practices.

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