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January 2021



  • Omaya Ahmad Sustainability Policy Consultant, Arizona Public Services 
  • Jeremy Adelman Electric Vehicles & Emerging Technologies, Austin Energy 
  • Angel Lance CEO of Motive Power, Founder of NPUC
  • Dylan Lockwood Senior Editor, Zpryme


  • Our goal is to share useful information among utilities to help further their decarbonization goals and prepare for federal regulation requirements
  • Grow a compendium of knowledge to share across the nation’s utilities via a series of “round tables”called the National Utility Council
  • Quarterly? Monthly? Round table? Conference?
  • We would love to see growing utility representation
  • Roundtables will not be digitally recorded for open collaboration purposes
  1. Lessons Learned From the Survey and Each Other: What’s working, and what’s not?
    • Go through results
    • What the next survey should look like?
    • What do you want to learn? What would be useful for you in our information gathering going forward?
    • It’s not just sharing information, it’s creating information. What are utilities doing for each other and what aren’t they?
  2. Education of the 3 Scopes
    • Initial education: how do we incorporate these scopes into the popular decarbonization lexicon?
    • Continued education: what is the next steps with this information, what more do we need to learn about decarbonization strategy?
    • What’s actionable? How do we turn lessons into action?
  3. Discussion of Federal Regulation: Preparation and strategy
    • Inauguration
    • Ex: New arctic drilling regulations are crazy bad
    • Get a sense for the lay of the land in terms of where utilities are and what their progress is “sleight-of-hand project management”