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February 2022



  • Scott Bolton SVP of Transmission Development, PacifiCorp
  • Danielle Murray Manager of Commercial & Key Accounts, Austin Energy
  • Joseph Rende Senior Director, Customer Business Development, New York Power Authority
  • Angel Lance CEO of Motive Power & Founder of NPUC
  • Dylan Lockwood Senior Editor at Zpryme


  • What decarbonization efforts or projects have you completed or are near completing that are furthering your long-term net zero or zero carbon goals?
  • How do ESG standards affect long-term planning? In what ways do they affect decision-making processes?
  • In what ways do ESG standards affect the specific department you work in if at all?
  • Does your company discuss ESG standards with the entire workforce? Are they imparted on new hires?
  • Do you apply ESG criteria when you work with vendors? If not, what kinds of ethical or value–based standards do you set for vendors and partners?