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  EEI 2023

The NPUC is delighted to be at EEI 2023 to discuss how we can accelerate the road to netzero together. Whether you’re a utility executive, sustainability officer, or investor we have incredible information and resources available for you at our booth located in The Hub.

NPUC is best known for its annual report that ranks the decarbonization progress of top investor-owned utilities (IOUs), providing valuable insights into the industry’s efforts to transition towards cleaner energy sources. Join us at our booth to exchange ideas, and work together to shape a more sustainable, low-carbon future for our utilities sector.

Find Out Where Your Utility Ranked in the 2023 Report & Why

Stop by our booth for a deep dive into the metrics and data that shaped the rankings in the 2023 Utilities Decarbonization Report, set to be released this summer. Our team of experts is on hand to offer a thorough breakdown of the numbers and what they reflect about your utility’s decarbonization path relative to the industry. Gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of this year’s report and learn how to use these insights to drive your strategies forward.

2022 Utility Decarbonization Report

In collaboration with Visual Capitalist, the National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) has developed the Annual Utility Decarbonization Report, serving as a comprehensive and viable ranking system for public utilities that will drive the decarbonization conversation forward. The report provides utilities, administrators, investors, and utility customers a data-driven look at the status of decarbonization among U.S. utilities.


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Utility Benchmarking for Investors

For investor attendees, we’re excited to share insights gathered from our utility benchmarking efforts. Stay a step ahead of the market by understanding which utilities and technologies are leading the charge towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Insightful Infographics on Energy Decarbonization


In partnership with Visual Capitalist, we’ve crafted a stunning array of infographics that shed light on the complexities of energy decarbonization. Offering valuable insights that accelerate the road to net-zero, these powerful visuals encapsulate intricate data points and trends that are as insightful as they are accessible.

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The utility industry urgently needs to move towards a realistic system of carbon free solutions to meet the climate challenge facing the U.S., and the world.

NPUC is poised to lead the way with its thought leadership expertise, industry reach, and passion to transform existing industry practices.

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