We Are Making Some Progress on Going Green!

We are making some progress on the green front!   

Here are some updates: 

Surveying our Greenness:
We asked, and you delivered. Last December, the Green Team sent out a survey about your daily commutes. We collected your data, analyzed it, and used it to inform our group’s priorities. Be on the lookout for a 2-page report summary – coming soon!  Thank you Jim!   

Changing What We Purchase
This quarter, we were more cognizant of the items we bought for our MP offices: how they’re produced, packaged and shipped matters to us. Among myriad other purchasing decisions, we placed a ban on plastic bottles – effective immediately – and are brainstorming ways on how to reduce our plastic overall.  Also – we have changed our approach to swag for conferences we sponsor – and luckily we are in line with a bunch of other cool companies making this change as well!  Thank you Carly and Kelley for helping come up with earth-friendly ideas for our professional front at conferences! 

Composting Where We Can
We decided to look a step beyond recycling and see what else we could do with our offices’ waste. Compositing was the immediate answer. We have looked into composting options at all our office locations, and are starting with San Francisco. Shout out to Jon, who is leading the composting effort at 580! 

Cleaning Up Our Beaches
We weren’t able to participate on our Jenner Beach cleanup, but mark your calendars, because it’s been rescheduled for the day of our Town Hall! Location is Flood Relief at Laguna de Santa Rosa.  Xela found this option for us, THANK YOU XELA

Getting Certified
The Green Team looked into our options for green certifications this quarter as well. We’re still determining which certification is right for us and worth the effort, but we’ve been in talks with a few groups. 

SubsidizingPublic Transit
Big news: we are considering subsidizing public transit costs, to make your commute to work greener! We understand some regions are better equipped with public transit options than others, but we’re excited to encourage greener habits, no matter how small. Thank you Paul for the idea!  

CEO Changes
Lastly – I have made a switch in my house that has been awesome – we used to use paper towels for napkins at the dinner table – I have switched to cloth napkins and seen my paper towel usage plummet!  All for about $20.00!  Try it! If you have thoughts on how we can get more green, please share them with us at green.motive@motive-power.com

Cheers! Angel
CEO Motive Power

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