The Five Phases of Project Management

Many times people tend to think of project management as reminding people on deadlines, project completions, and setting up meetings. However, Project Managers know that there is so much more to being a successful Project Manager.

The Project Management Institute put together a guide that every project manager should try to do to ensure a successful project. There are five phases in the guide and the guide explains different tips for success and how to best approach each phase of the project.

This guide is now in its fifth edition and it shares the fundamental practices that are used worldwide to achieve the best results. The PMBOK® Guide includes a process standard that can be applied to many projects; however, it does recognize that each project is different.

A project life cycle should define:

  • What work must be accomplished
  • What deliverables must be generated and reviewed
  • Who must be involved
  • How to control and approve each phase

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