taking care of your mental health

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During COVID-19

It is easy to put the care of ourselves on the bottom of the to-do list. Especially when there has been so much change with our everyday lives. For those of us who are now working remotely, establishing a routine is absolutely essential. However, even if you have fully embraced working remotely, there is something you must still pay attention to. Your mental health. ¬†The past few weeks and months have completely altered many of our lives and the day-to-day we have come to know and expect. If suddenly you or one of your employees feels overwhelmed, it’s understandable.

In a recent article from Mental Health they write: we all have mental health, and whatever our circumstance this outbreak¬†is going to have an impact on how we think and feel about ourselves and the world we live in. Good work is great for our mental health and it’s important that we preserve the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of work wherever we can.

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