remote working tips

Successful Remote Working Tips

It’s one thing to work remotely. It’s another to work remotely successfully. Now that the majority of company’s and teams are working remotely, many are finding they might not be so great at it. Remote working has been an increasing trend for years, however, many company’s and workers, prefer to work at an office. A survey from […]

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Going Green at Work

Going Green and Other Workplace Trends to Watch in 2020

What are some of the biggest office trends to watch for in 2020?  More initivies for companies to “go green” and increasing the ability to work remotely, there are a number of new trends to keep an eye on this year. The majority of the trends to watch this year benefit the environment in some […]

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project management trends

10 Trends in Project Management

With us past the halfway point of 2019, there have been a few trends in the project management industry that are worth noting. Technology is always making life easier, or at least it is supposed to. However, if you are not familiar with the latest technological trends, it can make your job more difficult. Project […]

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How Project Management is Changing

The days of micromanaging, silo management, and poor communication in the project management world are coming to an end. Thanks to new strategies and technology, project management is becoming more efficient than ever. According to a report published by the Project Management Institute, companies lost $120,000 for every $1 million spent when projects were improperly […]

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Five Project Management Trends

The world of Project Management is always changing. There seems to consistently be a new better way to make the job easier. The tools for a project manager seem to be as unique and ever-changing as the job itself.  Staying up to date on the latest tools that make the job easier can be difficult […]

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Project Management Trends to Watch in 2019

Having someone to see the bigger scope of each project and ensuring that everything will run smoothly and to completion is an asset that businesses are realizing is a key component to their company. Project management is becoming an increasingly more important part to companies both large and small. Every year, various ongoing and upcoming trends […]

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