office spaces will look different after pandemic

What Will Offices Look Like After the Pandemic?

When employees will head back in to the office remains unknown, however, one thing is certain, it will look very different at the office than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies will be encouraging their employees to continue to work remotely. However, for those that do head back to the office, there will […]

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remote working tips

Successful Remote Working Tips

It’s one thing to work remotely. It’s another to work remotely successfully. Now that the majority of company’s and teams are working remotely, many are finding they might not be so great at it. Remote working has been an increasing trend for years, however, many company’s and workers, prefer to work at an office. A survey from […]

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what is agile management

Is Agile Project Management Right For Your Company?

Whether your team is struggling with meeting customer demands or completing complex projects on time, the latest trend in project management might be the solution for your company. If you work in the project management industry, the term “Agile Management” is something you are probably familiar with. However, this new buzzword is becoming increasingly popular […]

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project management trends 2020

10 Project Management Trends of 2020

From new software to agile management, there seems to be more companies jumping in to make project management easier. What’s more is just about every business wants to find a way to manage their projects in an effective manner to boost the productivity of the business and the only solution is to use the methodologies […]

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women led business

Women-Led Companies Improve Job Satisfaction Overall

Motive Power is proud to be a female-led business. More studies are showing that employees who work at a women-led company enjoy their job more than male-led firms. And, more Americans would like to work for a female leader. In addition to happy employees, these companies are meeting more of their financial targets. So, female-led […]

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What is agile management

Just What is Agile Project Management Exactly?

If you are new to the project management biz, one term that you might hear a lot of is Agile Project Management. If you are a project manager, this is a term you are probably very familiar with. Regardless, Agile Project Management has definitely turned into a buzzword. Many want to know a little more […]

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project management trends

The Most Influential Projects

Last month, the Project Management Institute (PMI) put together a list of the most influential projects for the last 50 years. This was the first year that PMI did a ranking like this. They ranked the projects from the past half decade on how project management has helped turn many ideas into a reality. According […]

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agile worker

Agile Firms vs. Agile People

Right now, the big buzzword in the business (especially project management) world is Agile. Every day we read about the necessity of developing agile organizations—but shouldn’t we be talking about agile people? Being an agile organization stresses speed, continuous learning, experimentation, and flexible resource allocation are all key aspects. However, all this starts with the […]

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The Future for Project Managers

The need for skilled project managers is on the rise. Businesses are realizing the benefits to having a good project manager can be the difference between a project finishing on time – or not. It is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 15.7 MILLION new project management roles worldwide. Specifically in the […]

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The Most Important Project Management Trends or 2019

In the Project Management industry, it is vital to stay up to date on the latest trends. Not only in your industry, or on a national level, but on a global level as well. Each business and division has different tools to implement so it can be difficult to know what software is most beneficial […]

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