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Successful Remote Working Tips

It’s one thing to work remotely. It’s another to work remotely successfully. Now that the majority of company’s and teams are working remotely, many are finding they might not be so great at it. Remote working has been an increasing trend for years, however, many company’s and workers, prefer to work at an office. A survey from Gallup found that 43% of Americans worked from home occasionally, U.S. census data showed more than 5.2% of people worked remotely full time.

So, how can you make sure you and your company are working remotely successfully? A recent article from BizTech gives us a few handy tips to implement in your office’s remote work plan.

Building a Strong Remote Work Culture

One of the most important aspects of maintaining productivity is maintaining communication. Adjusting to virtual collaboration can be tough for employees who are used to being able to get feedback quickly, particularly in team environments. Making sure those teams stay connected is a top priority, says Mike Murphy, solution architect team lead for collaboration at CDW.


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