Seven Techniques For Structured Project Selection

As project managers, we are constantly sharpening and honing our skills and techniques to ensure that we are operating at the highest level. Sometimes that includes figuring out what projects we truly excel at and are enjoyable for each project manager. By applying a structured approach to project selection, project managers can increase the chances of selecting potentially successful projects with the most positive organizational impacts.

All organizations operate under limitations.  In an ideal situation, organizational leadership could initiate an unlimited number of projects in order to create a multitude of outcome benefits.  Unfortunately, resources are limited.  Time, financing, human resources, material, and skills are just a few of the top items on a long list of constrained organizational resources.  There simply isn’t enough time or resources to go around and undertake every potential project.

Because of these limitations, project selection needs to be approached in a structured, strategic way.  The goal should be to select projects with the most benefit to the organization; the greatest efficiency for the resources used.  Exactly what that means will be different for every organization.  It may even change depending on a given situation.  By having a number of different selection tools and techniques at our disposal, we will be in a better position to select the best projects to undertake.

Project Times recently put together ways to decide on which projects to select.  Here are seven basic techniques for picking projects to undertake.  All of the methods listed here can be used alone or in combination with other techniques.

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