Project Managers Working Remote

With the ability to work remotely becoming more common, it’s no surprise that more Project Managers are joining in. A recent study from Buffer stated that 99% of Project Managers wished they could work remotely more often. So, if the overwhelming majority of Project Managers wish for this option, can we do it in our line of work?

A recent article from Project Manager News reported that “Remote working has distinctive advantages like having a flexible schedule, working from anywhere in the world, eliminating the commute, more opportunities to balance work-life activities and increased productivity. However, it also comes with some downsides like isolation, loneliness and the fact that some people are not able to disconnect. Issues that can lead to anxiety and depression. ”

One of the biggest challenges for a Project Manager to work remotely is not only the physical distance, but timezones, culteral differences, and forms of communication.

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