About Us

About Us

The NPUC was formed in mid to late 2020 out of a series of conversations where public utilities were looking to speak with their industry brethren to benchmark decarbonization practices, share lessons learned across different geographic and socio-economic environments, and generally come to a place where a compendium of knowledge was stored on the subject.

It was likely that there would not be any one specific utility that would have the bandwidth to take the lead in organizing this type of forum, so Motive Power took on the initiative and the NPUC was born.

Our Partners

Motive Power, Zpryme, and numerous utilities across the US, with media support from Visual Capitalists, are poised to become the leading experts in public utility decarbonization efforts.

Our Goals


To create a knowledge repository for Utilities to use in pursuit of their decarbonization goals


To share knowledge across utilities and assist in lessons learned on decarbonization efforts


To gather research and information for utilities to help prepare for possible federal regulations