Green Spaces are Important to Our Personal Well Being

In 2019, one of Motive Power’s goals was to not only make more environmentally conscious decisions at the office but personally as well. One thing we realize is the importance of green spaces. Our parks and open space are fundamental in not only helping our environment; they are essential to our personal well being as […]

A Successful Project has a Project Manager

More and more companies are realizing that having a successful project means having a project manager at the helm. Project Managers will not only keep the project on task and on time, but ensure that the project will stay on budget. Regardless of what industry you are in, when you hire a Project Manager to […]

The Most Influential Projects

Last month, the Project Management Institute (PMI) put together a list of the most influential projects for the last 50 years. This was the first year that PMI did a ranking like this. They ranked the projects from the past half decade on how project management has helped turn many ideas into a reality. According […]

Agile Firms vs. Agile People

Right now, the big buzzword in the business (especially project management) world is Agile. Every day we read about the necessity of developing agile organizations—but shouldn’t we be talking about agile people? Being an agile organization stresses speed, continuous learning, experimentation, and flexible resource allocation are all key aspects. However, all this starts with the […]

Motive Power to Attend MAGI Clinical Research Conference

Motive Power is sending a number of employees to MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference – 2019 West this year. The conference runs October 27th- 30th with over 100 sessions and 240+ speakers. Over 700 people (including representatives from over 100 sponsors and CROs) will attend this event. With over 100+ sessions and workshops in six tracks: clinical […]

The Future for Project Managers

The need for skilled project managers is on the rise. Businesses are realizing the benefits to having a good project manager can be the difference between a project finishing on time – or not. It is estimated that by the year 2020, there will be 15.7 MILLION new project management roles worldwide. Specifically in the […]

The Most Important Project Management Trends or 2019

In the Project Management industry, it is vital to stay up to date on the latest trends. Not only in your industry, or on a national level, but on a global level as well. Each business and division has different tools to implement so it can be difficult to know what software is most beneficial […]

Asking For Help at Work

No matter what type of work you are in, it can be difficult to ask for help. Many times as a project manager it might seem as though you need to be the one that is offering up the help to your coworkers. However, working as a Project Manager (especially a new Project Manager) can […]

Project Managers Working Remote

With the ability to work remotely becoming more common, it’s no surprise that more Project Managers are joining in. A recent study from Buffer stated that 99% of Project Managers wished they could work remotely more often. So, if the overwhelming majority of Project Managers wish for this option, can we do it in our […]

10 Trends in Project Management

With us past the halfway point of 2019, there have been a few trends in the project management industry that are worth noting. Technology is always making life easier, or at least it is supposed to. However, if you are not familiar with the latest technological trends, it can make your job more difficult. Project […]

How Project Management is Changing

The days of micromanaging, silo management, and poor communication in the project management world are coming to an end. Thanks to new strategies and technology, project management is becoming more efficient than ever. According to a report published by the Project Management Institute, companies lost $120,000 for every $1 million spent when projects were improperly […]

Project Management in a Digital Age

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, however, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest advances. Digital technology has the abilities to enhance customer experience, improve organizational performance, as well as provide new enhanced opportunities. One of the main goals of project managers is to make life easier for […]

Amazon Crisis

Motive Power is committed to giving back and motivating those around us to act. The crisis in the Amazon is unprecedented and the need for action is urgent. Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research has reported a recent 84% increase in forest fires from the same period in 2018. The Amazon is also threatened by […]

SAVE THE DATE: Crissy Field Beach Clean-Up

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday September 21. Crissy Field Beach Clean-Up! Let’s make a difference by taking action and working together to IMPROVE the ocean’s health and make trash free seas a reality! 📷 **ADDITIONAL DETAILS COMING SOON! ** Where: Crissy Field Beach – Meet at the parking lot just past the Planet Granite climbing gym @ 10:00am (Keep and eye out for Angel’s Moon Devil Truck […]

AACE & ASPE Joint Dinner Meeting

AACE SoCal Section invites you to the upcoming dinner meeting on September 18, 2019 starting at 5:00 p.m. Social & Networking / 6:00 p.m. Dinner & Presentation. Robert Raynes, Director – AMCL North America & Duncan Hassall, Motive Power will be speaking on Alignment and Integration of Asset Management and Program Management. Learn more

Consultants at a Higher Level

At Motive Power, our Project Managers and consultants strive to consitantly be up on the latest software, certifications, and trends. Our consultants have a variety of certifications under their belts including Scrum, PMP, and Prosci. For those individuals who are not involved in the Project Management industry, those certifications sound baffling and confusing. Here is […]

Five Project Management Trends

The world of Project Management is always changing. There seems to consistently be a new better way to make the job easier. The tools for a project manager seem to be as unique and ever-changing as the job itself.  Staying up to date on the latest tools that make the job easier can be difficult […]

Five Challenges for New Project Managers

Entering the world of project management can bring a lot of hurdles and growing pains no matter how prepared you think you may be.  Many new project managers will come into a project and look at it theoretically instead of practically. However, every project is different and each new project requires a different planning and execution […]

Successful Strategic Planning with WAVS

In June, Motive Power had the opportunity to assist West African Vocation Schools (WAVS) to discuss strategic plans for their future. They currently support as many as 200 students per year with subsidized career training which includes computer basics, auto mechanics, welding, English and French. The WAVS campus is in Canchungo but they have plans […]

The Five Phases of Project Management

Many times people tend to think of project management as reminding people on deadlines, project completions, and setting up meetings. However, Project Managers know that there is so much more to being a successful Project Manager. The Project Management Institute put together a guide that every project manager should try to do to ensure a […]

Thinking Outside The Box

One hiccup Project Managers in any field run into is staying fresh with ideas. It can be hard to get your project completed and goals accomplished when trying new ways to do something. However, thinking outside the box when you are working in the tech industry can be tricky. There are different challenges that traditional […]

Motive Power Assisting WAVS

On June 19th, Motive Power is holding a brainstorming session with the West African Vocational Schools (WAVS) team to help them hone their next steps in bringing skills training to the people of Guinea BISSAU. Motive Power is meeting with the WAVS staff to review their growth plans, challenge their assumptions and help them strategize […]

Why Ask Why

Not everything in life is black and white. It’s in these gray areas that project managers work, and excel, in every day. As a Project Manager, it is important to make things as black and white as possible so that tasks and projects get completed effectively and efficiently, but working in the gray can allow […]

A Career in Project Management

Companies large and small are seeing the benefits of having dedicated project managers on their team. By 2027, it is predicted that there will be a need for over 88 million workers in a project-based role. A recent interview with TechRepublic, Cindy Anderson, vice president of brand management at PMI stated “Most organizations are undertaking […]

Being a Productive Project Manager

As with any job, sometimes after years of doing the same work every day can cause employees to just go through the motions. As an Adaptive PMO, one of their most important tasks is driving the digital transformation and fueling growth strategies by delivering complex programs organization-wide, fast. The problem is that many PMOs are […]

Five Reasons Project Managers are Essential to your Business

Growth. The main goal behind every business. There are a lot of parts that need to operate correctly so that your company can run smoothly and efficiently. Running a business and being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding, however, it also can be stressful. Hiring a project manager can be the key to helping your company […]

Motive Power Continues Green Initiative

A few weeks ago, some Motive Power staffers attended a conference in San Diego and discovered Veloz.  Veloz builds on the success of the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, a public-private partnership founded in 2010 to convene, collaborate and communicate on emerging electric car market trends, address challenges and enable strong market growth. We are […]

Three Ways To Ensure Your Business is Successful

Organizations wasted almost 12% of their project spending last year due to poor performance, according to a recent report from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In response, project leaders should work to improve their Project Management Technology Quotient (PMTQ), which adds an element of project management to a person’s ability to adapt, manage, and integrate […]

We Are Making Some Progress on Going Green!

We are making some progress on the green front!    Here are some updates:  Surveying our Greenness: We asked, and you delivered. Last December, the Green Team sent out a survey about your daily commutes. We collected your data, analyzed it, and used it to inform our group’s priorities. Be on the lookout for a […]

How Project Management Will Shift in 2019

More and more companies are seeking professionals with adaptive skill sets, according to a TwentyEighty Strategy Execution report. Projects are growing more complex, forcing business leaders to keep their team’s skillsets up to date. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are now staples in the workforce and predicted to increase in adoption in 2019, meaning project managers […]

Seven Techniques For Structured Project Selection

As project managers, we are constantly sharpening and honing our skills and techniques to ensure that we are operating at the highest level. Sometimes that includes figuring out what projects we truly excel at and are enjoyable for each project manager. By applying a structured approach to project selection, project managers can increase the chances […]

The Importance of Time Management and Resource Allocation in Project Management

Project management is all about managing tasks carefully and effectively. Project managers have to work in limited or even tight budgets. Everyone can perform well within huge budgets, but only a professional and experienced project manager can manage to work in every situation. Project management has gained popularity in the last few decades due to […]

Digital Transformation in Project Management

Every business sector is touched by digital transformation – and more and more project managers will be required to manage the rapid changes it’s causing. But it’s also changing the project management profession itself – so professionals and the Project Management Institute are having to adapt. A recent article from World Finance states Digital transformation […]

Project Management Trends to Watch in 2019

Having someone to see the bigger scope of each project and ensuring that everything will run smoothly and to completion is an asset that businesses are realizing is a key component to their company. Project management is becoming an increasingly more important part to companies both large and small. Every year, various ongoing and upcoming trends […]

The Changing World of Project Management

The project management world is changing right before our eyes. With the advances in technology, the ability to work from anywhere, and tighter deadlines the process for building teams and retaining employees capable of succeeding in a fast-paced work environment is getting more difficult. Traditional methods of problem-solving are not as effective as they once […]

Growing Demand for Project Related Resources

Is one of your new year resolutions to read more? One of the best ways to up-skill yourself or your workforce is to read a book related to your profession. These books on project management need to make their way onto your 2019 reading list as they provide up-to-date, relevant knowledge on project management.  The Greek […]

Motive Power Participates in 3rd Annual Rocker’s Ball

Participating in the third annual Rocker’s Ball is always a highlight for Motive Power employees.  Involved in the Rocker’s Ball since it’s inception, this years event was another great time for all who attended. With special guest attendee, Michael Franti, providing some music and fun to the night it ended up being an amazing evening. The […]

2019 is The Year Motive Power Goes Green—All The Way

As consultants specializing in utilities, we are often on the forefront of leading campaigns for energy to migrate to green. And in the next year, we will be taking our own additional steps to go green in our own company, in our own lives. Walk the walk! Motive Power has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to environmental charities […]

How Do Project Managers Get Up To Speed So Quickly

Exactly how do project managers do it? How do they come in to a project that has been days, weeks, months in the making and get up to speed so quickly? lays out six ways that project managers and consultants get briefed on projects so that they are ready to hit the ground running! […]

Building Connected Teams: The Key to Project Management

The success of your project is often very closely tied to your ability to form a good relationship with each of the members of your team. Building connected project teams is not an easy task, but well worth the investment. As a project manager you know the mechanics of developing a project plan and communication […]

How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Happy employees can mean so much for your company, but how do you keep employees that work long hours in a high pressure environment happy? The key to keeping people motivated is job satisfaction. Plenty of studies argue that high job satisfaction within an enterprise correlates with motivation and consequently good organisational performance, whereas low […]

Schedule Quality

How does your organization view project schedules? Are they seen as busy work and a means to an end for data entry or are they dynamic tools that are vital for on time and on budget project delivery? At Motive Power, we help organizations get to the point of value-added scheduling by utilizing high-quality schedules […]

  • Motive Power provided consultation as well as hands-on support, and their expertise was greatly beneficial as they brought best practices from the industry, and the ability to integrate the methodology into something that made sense and upon which we can build the next set of improvements.


    PDP/PMO Director, Medtronic CardioVascular

  • Motive Power contractors are remarkable, enthusiastic, and bright. They offer exceptionally effective project management contractors who are very knowledgeable about both professional project management and the Microsoft Project Management Solution and Enterprise Project Server functionality.


    Manager of Business Systems, EPRI

  • Motive Power assisted us in a management and governance reorganization and in standing up and building out a brand new health plan subsidiary for Sutter Health. Motive Power engaged closely with our steering committees and initiative management to put in place overall program management infrastructure and team to manage Sutter Health resources, as well as our partner consultant vendors. Motive Power enabled our executive management, myself included, to effectively make decisions on real information and lead our initiatives to meet their timelines and achieve their objectives within 18 months in our key regions.


    Chief Enterprise Transformation Officer, Sutter Health

  • Partnering with Motive Power has helped Seattle City Light achieve significant milestones for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program. The Motive Power team played a substantial role in developing critical business processes essential for the AMI and Technical Metering Operations successful implementation of this new technology. Their impressive work included delivering critical change management processes such as process design and integration, tracking and monitoring progress, and developing and delivering a comprehensive training program for the organization. But perhaps their most impressive work was how quickly they were able to come in and build so many extraordinary relationships with key stakeholders from multiple departments. This was truly impressive!


    Customer Care Division