what is agile management

Is Agile Management Right For You?

Agile Management is a term that is getting thrown around more often and many times, people have no idea what it means exactly. First of all, Agile Management is an up-tempo style of teamwork. One of the biggest improvements your company can see is an increase in productivity, however, it could be extremely difficult for workers who are shy or lack in confidence. Motive Power uses many different techniques to increase your company’s projects and we know which technique will work best for each project.

The Wall Street Journal writes: “Agile techniques can speed productivity by 20% to 50% and improve the quality of products and services. But the principles need to be tailored to fit particular teams, their mix of work and the company culture.”

The agile craze has many potential benefits. There’s no single definition of agile—it’s a set of principles aimed at freeing teams from departmental silos and other bureaucracy so they can work more efficiently. Among the more popular practices are breaking big projects down into a series of smaller tasks, meeting daily to report progress and eliminate obstacles, and completing tasks in time periods called sprints.

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