How To Keep Your Employees Motivated

Happy employees can mean so much for your company, but how do you keep employees that work long hours in a high pressure environment happy? The key to keeping people motivated is job satisfaction. Plenty of studies argue that high job satisfaction within an enterprise correlates with motivation and consequently good organisational performance, whereas low job satisfaction demotivates employees and therefore causes poor performance at work.

Traditionally, the nature of consulting work as well as the extrinsic benefits that come with it were thought to be enough to keep consultants satisfied and motivated. More recently, with the rising importance of work-life balance, consultancies and other professional service firms have taken additional measures for their workforce.

In a recent article they discuss how consultants work on complex projects solving some of their clients’ most difficult problems, which usually require economic understanding, interpersonal skills, and creativity. Since a typical project only runs for a few weeks or months, variety is also given – each problem is different from the previous one and especially the younger consultants are encouraged to work on a variety of tasks, ranging from client interviews and qualitative research to model building and financial analysis. Generally, each project team member contributes to solving the client’s problem, which ensures the work’s significance. And even new hires are expected to work autonomously to some degree, receiving responsibility early on.

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