How Project Management Will Shift in 2019

More and more companies are seeking professionals with adaptive skill sets, according to a TwentyEighty Strategy Execution report. Projects are growing more complex, forcing business leaders to keep their team’s skillsets up to date. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are now staples in the workforce and predicted to increase in adoption in 2019, meaning project managers must modernize business strategies to keep pace.

In a press release from Christoffer Ellehuus, Strategy Execution’s CEO he stated: “The nature of project management and leadership work is proliferating—not only geographically, but notably across roles and functions. Project-based work has expanded beyond just the PMO or IT department. We believe that successful execution of strategic projects only happens today when professionals and leaders have the right mix of business, technical, and people skills in combination with the right adaptive mindset.”

The report identified the following 10 ways project management will shift in the next year:

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