Agile and scrum project management at Lego

How LEGO uses Agile and Scrum

In our last two blogs, we discussed the differences between Agile and Scrum project management. These two management practices are taking the project management world by storm. At Motive Power, we use a variety of techniques to ensure your project is being handled in the practice that makes the most sense for your company, because, not every company or project is the same. Toy builder manufacturer, LEGO, uses  both Agile and Scrum project management styles for a variety of their projects successfully.

A recent study from SimpliLearn writes: One of the key benefits of working with an agile framework is enhancing the ability of teams to plan, collaborate, and execute projects in a coordinated fashion. At famous toy manufacturer LEGO Group, changes were introduced at every phase of the development process, from team level (person-to-person), program level (team-to-team), and portfolio level (top-layer business planning and management).

At LEGO, 20 product teams met every eight weeks for a one-and-a-half-day planning session to showcase work, hash out dependencies, estimate risks, and plan for the next release period. Agile project management empowered the teams to achieve significant successes: eliminating a plethora of “managers with spreadsheets;” more predictable and accurate production estimates; improved team morale from face-to-face communications; and a more visual, gamified, and focused planning process.

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