Going Green at Work

Going Green and Other Workplace Trends to Watch in 2020

What are some of the biggest office trends to watch for in 2020?  More initivies for companies to “go green” and increasing the ability to work remotely, there are a number of new trends to keep an eye on this year. The majority of the trends to watch this year benefit the environment in some way. For example, working remotely not only is showing to increase productivity, it benefits the environment as well due to less people driving to or from work.

In an article from Times Union, they lay out a number of ways they see the workforce changing in 2020. They state: “In 2020, there will be changes in your workplace. They may be physical — as in new desks or an office remodel — or they could be new company policies on remote work or parental leave.”


“A lot of progressive companies have green policies in their handbooks. Ninety-nine percent of the time, employees love recycling. It instills a lot of pride.”

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