Five Project Management Trends

The world of Project Management is always changing. There seems to consistently be a new better way to make the job easier. The tools for a project manager seem to be as unique and ever-changing as the job itself.  Staying up to date on the latest tools that make the job easier can be difficult when a project manager is focusing on the project at hand. So a tool that might have worked great on a project from last year might not be the best tool for you to use when you start your next project.

Techzone360 put together a list of five trends that are reshaping the future of project management. In this recent article from, they state that there is a growing demand for project managers. The biggest employers of project managers a few decades ago were major manufacturers and construction firms. They might have designed an automobile before determining how to manufacture it. Or they’d oversee the production plant, keeping all of the parts humming so the final product could roll off the assembly line. Project management was the only way to cope with the complex interdependencies to get things done.

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