Five Challenges for New Project Managers

Entering the world of project management can bring a lot of hurdles and growing pains no matter how prepared you think you may be.  Many new project managers will come into a project and look at it theoretically instead of practically. However, every project is different and each new project requires a different planning and execution approach.

TechRepublic recently put together five of the most common challenges new Project Managers face when they are starting out. If you are a new PM, you may face five challenges that could impact your confidence as well as the confidence that your manager has in your capabilities. At Motive Power, we are committed to training up new talent in order to help them succeed and provide the most value for our clients.

1. Understanding the benefits 

As a new PM, you might face difficulties in understanding the benefits of a project, making it difficult to lead the project successfully and provide deliverables. You should ensure you understand the project and its benefits if you are to comfortably accept responsibility for the successful or unsuccessful.

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