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Effective Leadership Skills For Remote Work

As we continue to learn and develop best practices for working remotely, there are bound to be a few hiccups along the way. Many professionals have never worked remotely, and many of these professionals are in leadership roles. How you manage a team is a learned skill that you build upon. However, many people in leadership positions have never had to manage their team remotely.  Remote teams still require management and managing those teams remotely provides many new different challenges.

Right now it is essential that leaders and managers are effectively managing their team. There are a number of steps that managers must take to ensure their teams have quality management in these uncertain times. A recent article from New Summit Leadership gives us FIVE tips to make your remote working a success.

1. Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening skills for remote managers is critical. Over 80% of communication is non-verbal. If you can only see part of someone’s body language, if you can’t see any because of viewing one another remotely, or if you are reviewing written correspondence, the chances of miscommunication increase significantly. Leaders must be very intentional about their communication skills, especially listening skills. Repeat what you think your employee is trying to tell you and reflect it back to them and respond accordingly.

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