Digital Transformation in Project Management

Every business sector is touched by digital transformation – and more and more project managers will be required to manage the rapid changes it’s causing. But it’s also changing the project management profession itself – so professionals and the Project Management Institute are having to adapt.

A recent article from World Finance states Digital transformation is changing our business in that it is – we are staring into legacy platforms and legacy products and systems that must be disrupted. And what we’re discovering is that in order to reinvent ourselves, we must disrupt ourselves or be disrupted.

The opportunity for project management is tremendous because the world is becoming projectised. There will be more and more projects, more and more change, and the project management profession is going to change with it. At Motive Power, we are committed to staying up to date on the latest trends and practices to ensure that we fully understand the challenges and issues, and the skills needed to make your company succeed.

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