Change Webinar 2020

Motive Power’s Change Adoption Model

Change is inevitable. But preparing for inevitable change is an art. We can help organizations learn how to successfully navigate change and to meet your employees where they’re at to foster a favorable outcome at both the individual AND the organizational level.


Download our tools that you can employ to level up your organization’s capacity to manage, integrate, and move forward with change positioned as an asset, rather than an obstacle

  • Engagement Survey
  • Engagement Logistics
  • Resistance Survey

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We develop and deploy both established and new processes, tools, systems, and structure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.

Assessment, future state definition, gap analysis, and implementation of various process and procedures to improve the management and execution of projects and initiatives.

Design and implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO) and other centralized structures to define and maintain standards leading to the efficient, effective, and consistent execution of projects.

Development and implementation of project, operational, and organizational governance to ensure the right things are getting done correctly.

Implementation of customized and standard reporting and analysis to provide leadership with the necessary data to develop strategy and execute against it.


The rigorous, systematic, people-centric discipline of ensuring individuals, groups and organizations transition from current state to the desired future state.

Apply comprehensive impact analysis of the client organization to assess barriers at all levels within the organization.

Develop human-centric solution in comprehensive change management plan including communication strategy, business readiness assessment, coaching & training plan.

Visibility into what is most likely to detract from timely adoption and proactive measures to mitigate or eliminate identified risks.

The Change Adoption service line is our method integrating Change Management systems and theories into a framework with associated tools and templates geared towards practical application.


The practice of organizing a project team to initiate, plan, execute, control and close a project, achieving
a specific scope within given schedule and budget constraints. We get work done.

Our highly skilled Project Management Consultants drive your project plans forward, efficiently with full transparency. You will always know the status of the work.

Utilizing traditional PMI PMBOK as well as Agile Project Management methodologies, our experts can provide skills training to your organization.

Knowledgeable in a variety of the leading project management software packages, our team will support your team in developing a custom PMO designed for effective risk management and consistent project controls.


We are the state of the art GPS system providing the necessary data and direction to the Project Manager to reach the team’s destination.

Developing new reports and tools to analyze project data, generate trends, and create project recommendation.

Risk-based proactive and diligent monitoring and controlling of every project attribute and characteristic.

Working with the greater Motive Power Project Controls team to ensure continuous improvement, knowledge sharing and ensuring all are benefiting from new information and lessons learned.

Portfolio level review of engagements providing Quality Review of our portfolios and highlighting future project related risks for the team.

Who is Motive Power?

Motive Power is your project consulting partner focused on the art and science of delivering change.

Your Consulting Partner

  • Working side-by-side with you to achieve your goals is our top priority.


  • We live and breathe projects – the planning, execution, and change management.

Art and Science

  • Achieving superior results depends as much on the art of project management as on the science:
    • It is the art that generates excitement, establishes the tempo, manages the rhythm, overcomes setbacks, encourages effort, and celebrates success
    • Our PMI-certified consultants leverage master-level knowledge of toolsets, insightful metrics, and sophisticated reporting to demonstrate the science

How We Are Different.

Woman-owned firm

  • Our diversity enables us to bring unique viewpoints to the table, which opens up new possibilities for you.

Lower price point than bigger competitors

  • We operate locally, efficiently and with distinctively low overhead – and we pass the savings on to you.

Not tied to a specific platform

  • We are tool agnostic and will not try to sell you software.  Our only allegiance is to the right solution for you.

Independent perspective

  • Our independence means you can count on us for an unvarnished view of the progress of your critical initiatives.