agile worker

Agile Firms vs. Agile People

Right now, the big buzzword in the business (especially project management) world is Agile. Every day we read about the necessity of developing agile organizations—but shouldn’t we be talking about agile people?

Being an agile organization stresses speed, continuous learning, experimentation, and flexible resource allocation are all key aspects. However, all this starts with the employee. There is a need for agile people.

Among all the charts and bullet points and models pointing the way toward agile organizations, let’s remember that organizations are made of people. Make them resilient in the face of change first.

A recent publication from Forbes stated that “The urgent need to reinvent companies as agile teams makes resilience a competitive advantage. Resilience empowers employees and leaders to develop greater emotional intelligence and self-awareness. And resilience helps people focus under pressure, manage their impulses, solve problems creatively. These are important building blocks for agile teams.

Every employee must learn the skills that make them adaptable, help them deal with stress and remain emotionally connected to work. Resilience enables all three. When leaders and employees embrace these skills, powerful things happen.”

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