project management trends 2020

10 Project Management Trends of 2020

From new software to agile management, there seems to be more companies jumping in to make project management easier. What’s more is just about every business wants to find a way to manage their projects in an effective manner to boost the productivity of the business and the only solution is to use the methodologies of project management.

Motive Power stays on top of — or ahead of — by setting trends so that our clients are well equipped to succeed. Here are 10 Project Management trends that will take over in 2020 according to PM Workshops:

#1. Agile Approach

One of the latest approaches in project management. Unlike the waterfall approach, it is not unidirectional and so a step by step process is not followed here to incorporate any changes in the project management software.

So this approach of software development is deeply followed by all the developers. It supports cloud-based service applications.

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